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1) Message boards : Windows : Restricting Versions that can Run? (Message 14747)
Posted 1947 days ago by EPAstor
That's... not exactly what I'm looking for, sadly. I'm trying to prevent my computer running certain types of WUs EVER, not tell BOINC to stop while I'm gaming. The highly misleading functionality in BOINC known as the "threadsafe" issue leaves nVidia drivers in a slow and/or unstable state from when a "non-safe" application is run on the GPU until the next reboot.

So... is there any way for me to restrict my computer to only run the CUDA 4.2 or OpenCL-based GPU work units?
2) Message boards : Windows : Restricting Versions that can Run? (Message 14714)
Posted 1957 days ago by EPAstor
So - I'm still getting WUs for old versions of the GPU code. Especially for the mini_collatz units... I keep getting CUDA 2.3 units. This is a problem - because of BOINC's stupidity, the so-called "threadsafe" issue, and the fact that I do game, so I keep my nVidia drivers up to date.

If I keep getting these WUs, I cannot afford to let this project use my GPU... it makes my system much slower, and occasionally unstable. (As far as I can tell, the 560 Ti's are especially vulnerable to this issue.)

Is there any way to restrict the WUs I receive to be CUDA 4.2 or OpenCL-based only? (One option would be to ban earlier certain Collatz applications from my system.) If not, then I'll have to disable my GPU contributions to this project for good - and I hate to have to do that!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Cuda threadsafe exit code (Message 14153)
Posted 2058 days ago by EPAstor
Any update on this? I ended up having to kill my CUDA contribution to this project, when I'd previously been running a 560 Ti - it kept crashing my graphics drivers. (And yes, the thread-safety seems to in fact be the issue.)
4) Message boards : Windows : CUDA App - Not Threadsafe? (Message 13993)
Posted 2077 days ago by EPAstor
I don't know about anyone else, but I've been participating in this project for some time, using my nVidia GPU to contribute more results. Ever since the nVidia 270 series drivers, I've been having random crashes after I leave my system unused for a short time, then move the mouse. The result is usually a graphics driver crash, sometimes bad enough to take down my entire Windows 7 system.

It turns out that this appears to be related to BOINC - and that this project COULD make a workaround to fix the issue! However, it hasn't. Any chance this problem can get fixed soon? I'm a programmer myself, and happy to lend a hand - but I suspect the change is either relatively minor, or that the people over at the lunatics forum (who've studied this problem - my source was actually could help describe the exact workaround needed to allow BOINC to safely snooze the process once the computer is back in use.

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