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1) Message boards : Science : Founded numbers (Message 6219)
Posted 2896 days ago by Rory
So it's not actually a list of the best results... but instead a list of results that have broken the previous record.

I understand that but the title of the page is misleading in that case.
2) Message boards : Science : Founded numbers (Message 5907)
Posted 2914 days ago by Rory
Question: When I click on a task id and it says

needed xxxx steps for xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

is that the number of steps being recorded is this top results list?

Just curious because I just started this project and was looking through my first few work units and I already found two that are more steps than some of the ones on the list. Am I reading the wrong spot or did I just get incredible lucky (there was one other that was higher than the 1904 that seemed to be the bottom of the current list).

Example: needed 2041 steps for 2362394999222430353486

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