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Posted 24 Aug 2018 by JOHN
my pny 1080 ti had a fan crap out several months ago.been using a 120 mm fan on top of the card over the failed fan,been working just fine.was running about 160-165 degrees,little warm,but with in limits of the today my replacement card i ordered got here,evga 1080ti sc2 hybrid.had a couple of minor glitches when i fired it up,but got them squared away.this card is way faster,like 20 secs per wu faster.they were running at 4minutes 10 or so,dropped them down to 3 minutes 45,give or take a few secs.biggest change though,is the temps,went from 163 on the other card to 113 on this one.personaly,think i would wait on those 2080s till they make a water cooled version myself.well thats my excitement for the day.
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Posted 13 Jul 2018 by JOHN
FWIW, I have earned 4.7M credits in the past 10 hours, which is roughly equal to the rate (10M/day) that I was crunching prior to this problem. I have produced 2882 invalid results. I will report whether this number changes over the next few days. A decrease would suggest that my invalid results have reconsidered and accepted as valid. BTW, I have not produced any invalid results since 01:17 (UTC) on July 12.

ran a couple and they went through valid as well.
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Posted 29 Apr 2018 by JOHN
just installed a 1070 ti in my other puter.gonna start with the settings i use for my 1080ti and adjust from there
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Posted 24 Apr 2018 by JOHN
this is where i have my 1080 ti set currently.verbose=1
sieve_size=30 there running between 235 and 245 sec.not making anywhere near the credit i was making before the issues started.was getting around 9-10 million a day,now down to little over 3 million.oh well.

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