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1) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU Lifespan (Message 24706)
Posted 14 days ago by Vincent JG
I have an old MSI laptop (from 2013) crunching on both cpu (i7) and gpu (GTX 765M) and it's still running fine (despite running really hot). I would agree with cleaning the heat pipes/fans as they do get dust/hair/dirt build up over time.

I also agree with mikey on getting an accessory cooling device. I actually got an Opolar LC05 recently and its made a significant difference. Before my laptop would get almost too hot to touch; now its cool to touch.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Graphic card power comparison (Message 24590)
Posted 40 days ago by Vincent JG
GTX 1080 Stock ~6,300,000
Asus GTX 1060 OC ~3,100,000

Pleasantly surprised with the 1060. I'm thinking about replacing a GTX 580 in my old computer with either a 1050 Ti or another 1060 OC. Is there anyone running a 1050 Ti?

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