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1) Message boards : News : Switching To CreditNew (Message 19098)
Posted 1428 days ago by [AF>Quebec]ut1
We are not understood.

Pb is not the fact of not cruncher but as soon as the Collatz servers are fault I put my PC on other applications.

Those who crucher their PC with their $ better understand my raisonnemant!

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Trad Google
2) Message boards : News : Switching To CreditNew (Message 19093)
Posted 1429 days ago by [AF>Quebec]ut1
Or my past work units?

In fact I had more than 2 working days on average and therefore Collatz 2.7 Million / Day.

Now my PC is that 2.4 million to 2 days ...

Crash the next I cut everything in Collatz!

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Coogle translation
3) Message boards : News : Long Run-Times? Optimize. (Message 18490)
Posted 1495 days ago by [AF>Quebec]ut1
This is because-we grumble that the files have summers available.

For my part I was wrong to say that it was not our job to make the App config changes!

If now the Slicker think we're rednecks he said!

4) Message boards : News : More Updates (Message 18460)
Posted 1496 days ago by [AF>Quebec]ut1

ATI 7990
ATI 7950

Are at the picks with the Rev. 6.4

After multiple tests I give up.

5) Message boards : Cafe : SETI.USA recruitment on BoincManager (Message 4214)
Posted 3028 days ago by [AF>Quebec]ut1

It's not very fair play from you bar "Join the Team Seti.Usa" on boinc Collatz.

Best regards

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