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About Collatz Conjecture

Collatz is a research project that uses Internet-connected computers to do research in mathematics. You can participate by downloading and running a free program on your computer.

Collatz Conjecture is based in Wood Dale, Illinois. It is a privately managed BOINC project attempting to disprove the Collatz Conjecture. For more information about the Collatz Conjecture, check out the Wikipedia Collatz page. The Collatz Conjecture project makes use of the parity sequence optimization and runs on Linux, Windows, and OS X and can utilize CPUs as well as AMD, nVidia, and Intel graphics cards.
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System Requirements

You must have an OpenCL driver installed for your CPU or video card that is recognized by the BOINC client in order to run OpenCL versions of the application. CUDA 4.0 (Linux) or CUDA 5.5 (Windows) is required to run non-OpenCL nVidia applications. AMD CAL 1.4 is supported for pre-HD7xxx AMD GPUs. All other AMD GPUs must have OpenCL capable drivers installed. Both standalone (single core non-OpenCL) CPU and OpenCL (multiple core) CPU applications exist. Set your preferences to omit either, neither, or both. Note: If using multiple OpenCL devices from multiple vendors (e.g. nVidia video card and Intel CPU), it is recommended that the driver with the lowest OpenCL support level (1.0, 1.1, 1.2) be installed first. If possible, install OpenCL drivers that all support the same OpenCL version.

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Upcoming Maintenance
The current firewall keeps randomly rebooting and after it restarts, I have to reboot the Comcast modem in order for it to link up. A new firewall should arrive Wednesday and if all goes well, will replace the old one the same day. 13 Mar 2017, 22:45:27 UTC · Comment

Comcast Back Online
Sometime between 10am and 1pm Central Standard Time, the network was down. After rebooting the cable modem at 1pm, it came back online. 5 Mar 2017, 19:06:16 UTC · Comment

Unexpected Power Outage
While we didn't get ice here, we had plenty of rain. Unfortunately, I was gone for the day when the power outage occurred so there was no opportunity to fire up the backup generator. Thankfully, everything came back online although it took 3 reboots before the firewall decided it indeed had a hard drive. If you get a download error, etc. for a workunit, please let me know. When there is a major crash, there are usually a few screwed up workunits where the database and the file system aren't completely in sync. 16 Jan 2017, 23:45:14 UTC · Comment

Invite Code
Due to spammers creating so many fake user and computer records, the Collatz site now requires an invitation code in order to create an account. Contact me for the code. The code will at least slow the spammers down as I will change it as often as needed. In addition:

    Users without any credit will be deleted.
    Computers without any credit will be deleted.
    Teams without any credit after will be deleted.

16 Nov 2016, 15:12:20 UTC · Comment

Major Maintenance
The Collatz site will be completely down later today for major maintenance. There appears to be disk corruption causing database errors which is why the assimilator is not working. What I don't know yet is whether the corruption affects more than just one database table. The work generators are offline as I don't want to create any more work as I don't know how long it will be down to restore/repair the corrupted database table(s). 15 Nov 2016, 14:11:14 UTC · Comment

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