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SSL Issues
I'm not sure why yet, but the LetsEncrypt script didn't update the SSL certificate as expected. I ran it manually and it worked. If you are still having problems connecting, please let me know. 12 Oct 2017, 2:38:22 UTC · Comment

Router/Firewall Upgrade
I will be installing a new firewall later this evening around 9pm CDT. If all goes as planned, the site will be inaccessible for only a minute or two. If things really don't go as planned, I'll revert back to the existing router/firewall. 26 Jun 2017, 23:06:08 UTC · Comment

Upcoming Maintenance
The current firewall keeps randomly rebooting and after it restarts, I have to reboot the Comcast modem in order for it to link up. A new firewall should arrive Wednesday and if all goes well, will replace the old one the same day. 13 Mar 2017, 22:45:27 UTC · Comment

Comcast Back Online
Sometime between 10am and 1pm Central Standard Time, the network was down. After rebooting the cable modem at 1pm, it came back online. 5 Mar 2017, 19:06:16 UTC · Comment

Unexpected Power Outage
While we didn't get ice here, we had plenty of rain. Unfortunately, I was gone for the day when the power outage occurred so there was no opportunity to fire up the backup generator. Thankfully, everything came back online although it took 3 reboots before the firewall decided it indeed had a hard drive. If you get a download error, etc. for a workunit, please let me know. When there is a major crash, there are usually a few screwed up workunits where the database and the file system aren't completely in sync. 16 Jan 2017, 23:45:14 UTC · Comment

Invite Code
Due to spammers creating so many fake user and computer records, the Collatz site now requires an invitation code in order to create an account. Contact me for the code. The code will at least slow the spammers down as I will change it as often as needed. In addition:

16 Nov 2016, 15:12:20 UTC · Comment

Major Maintenance
The Collatz site will be completely down later today for major maintenance. There appears to be disk corruption causing database errors which is why the assimilator is not working. What I don't know yet is whether the corruption affects more than just one database table. The work generators are offline as I don't want to create any more work as I don't know how long it will be down to restore/repair the corrupted database table(s). 15 Nov 2016, 14:11:14 UTC · Comment

SSL Certificate Replace (again)
So it turns out that the SSL provider I was using was bought by another company that has had issues to the point where many/most of the browser vendors stopped supporting their certificates. So.... the Collatz project is now using a new SSL certificate. Lets hope the new one causes fewer headaches for everyone.

Thanks to fractal for pointing out the specific issue, and thanks to everyone else who was also trying to help troubleshooting. I really appreciate it.
9 Nov 2016, 22:21:29 UTC · Comment

Power Outage
The power was out while I was gone for the weekend. Everything should be back to normal now though. 22 Aug 2016, 0:11:51 UTC · Comment

Firewall Failure
Internet access was lost last night due to the magic smoke being released from a capacitor in the firewall's power supply. The backup firewall will be used until I replace the primary firewall. 9 Aug 2016, 16:10:27 UTC · Comment

SSL Certificate Replaced
After finally getting the site cleared by Google's security scan, I was able to apply for and install a new SSL certificate. Thanks for your patience. 28 Oct 2015, 13:29:26 UTC · Comment

Google's Anti-Malware Detection Gives False Positives
For the last several months, Google has identified the Collatz apps as "having an unknown virus". I have asked Google for specifics since their scan states that Collatz has "Undetermined malware" and all virus scans I have done show no issues.

Because other sites relay on their security tools, I have not been able to update the expired SSL certificate. Since the BOINC client will not fall back to HTTP if there is an issue with the SSL Certificate (e.g. it is expired), I had to remove the certificate. That means that logins are no longer encrypted. Thanks, Google, you've accomplished the exact opposite of what you intended and all attempts to get you to rectify the situation have fallen on deaf ears.

The applications that Google complains about are exactly the same as the ones created several years ago (before the suspected trojan even existed).

I can compile the application on a clean machined (fresh install of everything from DVDs direct from Microsoft) and the applications match the supposedly infected ones byte for byte.

The issue is that in order to scan the files quickly, Google uses a "thumbprint" of each virus and if the application happens to have any code that matches the small snippet in the thumbprint, Google deems it to be infected. Google __should__ check for the real virus instead of a thumbprint when it finds an initial match. That would avoid false positives. Instead, they assume they are correct and ban the site. Hmmmm... I thought we were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, not just suspected of being guilty. But, I guess that's what happens when you become the 800 lb. gorilla.
22 Oct 2015, 14:22:30 UTC · Comment

Sieve in Production; Large and Solo deprecated
The collatz_sieve applications have been changed from beta to production status so all volunteers will now be getting them. I also increased the sieve workunit size by 4 times. I expect it will take BOINC a while to re-adjust it's runtime estimates as they are based on floating point calculations which aren't used in Collatz except to show the percent complete.

I deprecated the solo_collatz and large_collatz applications and disabled the associated work generators. Any that are in progress will still be validated, you just won't get any new solo or large WUs since you will receive sieve WUs instead.

If the sieve application fails immediately after it starts, you probably need to install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ runtime and, since BOINC will send your computer both 32 and 64 bit applications, you will need to install both the 32 and 64 but C++ runtime (see main page for a link or just Google it).
23 Sep 2015, 18:48:17 UTC · Comment

Collatz Sieve Applications released for Windows, Linux, and OS X CPUs
Sieve applications for CPUs have been released as beta/test applications. Most of the config settings do not apply for CPUs but you will find that adjusting the lut_size and especially the sieve_size will affect both the processing speed and RAM required. (e.g. lut_size=20 and sieve_size=31 uses 200MB per app whereas the stock settings of lut_size=12 and sieve_size=26 uses 9MB per app but runs about 30% slower). 10 Sep 2015, 5:20:27 UTC · Comment

Collatz Sieve v1.21 Released for Linux and OS X
32 and 64 bit Linux versions and 64 bit OS X versions of the v1.21 sieve application have been released as test/beta applications. 6 Sep 2015, 13:37:36 UTC · Comment

Collatz Sieve v1.21 released for Windows
The validation bug is now fixed but some have reported that the application errors out immediately. If you run into error -1073741515, please try installing the latest VS2012 C++ runtime available from Microsoft at VS2012 was recently updated to SP4 on my laptop and that is likely the cause of the missing DLL error.

New versions for Linux and OS X will be forthcoming as soon as I figure out how to get the VMs used to build the Linux versions to route properly through the VPN pipe on my laptop and since it is Labor Day weekend, I'm trying not to work too hard.
5 Sep 2015, 20:55:10 UTC · Comment

v1.20 sieve apps have been deprecated due to validation failures
While the app runs great (except on OS X with AMD GPUs -- as usual), the WUs are failing to validate so I have deprecated the 1.20 version and am in the process of debugging the issue and hope to have a 1.21 version ready soon. 5 Sep 2015, 16:54:22 UTC · Comment

Collatz Sieve 1.20 released for Windows, Linux, and OS X
Version 1.20 of the Collatz Sieve has been released for testing. (You have to enable beta/test apps in your preferences in order to get collatz_sieve workunits.) The code has been cleaned up since 1.10 and a couple bugs fixed. Both 32 and 64 bit versions for Linux and Windows are now available. OS X is limited to 64 bit only.

The Linux applications were compiled on Oracle's version of RHEL 6.5 which is from the CUDA 3.0 era so I'm hoping the binaries will work on other newer Linux distributions. As usual, if it doesn't, let me know.

The OS X applications were compiled on Mavericks so I have no idea whether older Macs will be able to run it or now. Supposedly, it should work for 10.5 or later but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I'm hoping the kernel will build properly on the AMD machines as I've only tested on Mavericks with an nVidia GPU.
4 Sep 2015, 20:48:41 UTC · Comment

Collatz Sieve 1.10 Released for Windows
While trying to port the new sieve app to OS X, I discovered a couple bugs, one of which was causing the 64-bit apps to fail. That has lead to releasing v1.10 for both 32 and 64 bit Windows. 19 Aug 2015, 16:03:27 UTC · Comment

SSL Certificate is Expired
Startcom won't renew the SSL certificate until Google deems the site safe for 90 days. Unfortunately, there are 30 more days to go since I removed the apps that several anti-virus applications incorrectly identified as a trojan. 14 Aug 2015, 23:58:32 UTC · Comment

Collatz Sieve 1.08 Released for Windows
The 1.07 added variable sieve sizes but introduced a bug in the kernel that was causing it to returning results outside the bounds of the numbers being checked which results in them being invalid. Version 1.08 should fix that problem. Please let me know if you run into any difficulties. 14 Aug 2015, 23:55:30 UTC · Comment

Collartz Sieve v1.07 released for Windows
A new version of the Collatz Sieve application has been released for Windows. The Collatz Sieve app is still listed as a beta/test application so you will need to check that in your preferences in order to get work.

I added a sieve_size parameter to the config file in version 1.07 which controls not only the sieve size used but also affects the items per kernel. I also modified the default values to those found to work on all of my various nVidia and AMD gpus with 99% GPU utilization and reasonable video response. Macintosh and Linux versions should be available sometime next week.
13 Aug 2015, 17:56:09 UTC · Comment

New Linux 64-bit CUDA App
I built a new Linux 64-bit app (version 6.07) which uses CUDA 5.5 and __should__ be statically linked. Hopefully, this will eliminate the glibc errors some have seen. This version also includes the bug fix for CPU validation not matching the GPU results. Once I see valid results for this version, I will build and add the 32-bit CUDA for Linux versions. 8 Jul 2015, 16:30:49 UTC · Comment

New Windows CUDA and OpenCL Versions Released
CUDA version 6.06 and OpenCL version 6.08 were released for Windows today. The CUDA version fixes (I hope) a "device not ready" bug seen by some fast GPUs. While I could not duplicate the error, the code now waits for the events to synchronize which should eliminate the error.

The OpenCL version, 6.08, now includes the bug fix where the GPU and CPU results were not always matching. It uses several of the optimizations Sosirus has provided and includes a new "lut_size" configuration option which now defaults to 12 (4096 items). The previous version used a 2^20 sized lookup table which did not fit into the GPU's cache causing it to be memory rather than processor bound. So, you should see a higher GPU utilization with the new version and it should not be as dependent upon memory speed as the previous versions.

Linux and OS X versions with the same fixes will follow soon.

As usual, let me know if you have any issues with the new versions.
7 Jul 2015, 15:13:40 UTC · Comment

Planned Outage 6/18/2015 @ 8:00am CDT
Tomorrow morning at 8:00am central daylight savings time, the power will be out. It is expected to be back on around 12:00pm. 18 Jun 2015, 0:00:44 UTC · Comment

Planned Outage Today
The circuit breaker panel will be replaced today which will require all power to be shut off for an extended period today. Unfortunately, I have been given no specific start time or finish time. So, load up on your work units now. 16 Jun 2015, 13:32:13 UTC · Comment

Sieve Application Testing
As some may have noticed on the server status page, there are daemons running for the new Collatz Sieve application. Work units are available for when the apps ready for testing. If you are a glutton for punishment, set your preferences to allow test applications and when the apps are ready, you can join in the testing.

I know the credit calulation used by the old apps has to change because while the average steps has increased because of the sieve, the total steps has decreased. Also, the WUs are probably too large (a day or two or more??? on a very fast GPU). The sieve apps will come and go while testing the various platforms and plan classes. As they are determined to be stable they will be added to the list of production apps and, if all goes well, eventually the v6 apps will be deprecated.
11 Jun 2015, 0:18:02 UTC · Comment

She Needs More Power, Capt'n
After replacing the power supply, the Collatz server is back online. The database checked out OK so everything appears normal. As usual, if you find any quirks, please let me know. 10 Jun 2015, 17:09:43 UTC · Comment

False Positive: Win32/Bulta!rfn
Microsoft recently added a check for the Win32/Bulta!rfn trojan virus to Microsoft Security Essentials. Unfortunately, the footprint they use to check for the virus matches that of the mini amd gpu app. The app is NOT infected though. They are just using too short a foot print. It is no different than trying to find this web site by searching Google but only entering "Collatz" as the search criteria. You would get a lot of links as matches but only one is the real thing. The anti-virus software searches executable applications looking for viruses but if the search string is too short, they get a false positive.

Until Microsoft fixes it (if ever) you may
a) ignore it (but you won't be able to run mini WUs)
b) choose another app such as the solo_collatz app in your preferences instead
c) exclude the c:\program data\boinc folder from being checked.
26 May 2015, 13:23:40 UTC · Comment

Power Restored
The Collatz server was down due to a power outage. It appears that everything is back up and running now, but if you have any issues, please let me know. Thanks. 25 May 2015, 21:18:32 UTC · Comment

Back Online
The MySQL database stopped responding for the second time in two days so while it was down, I took some time to do some database maintenance. I am hoping that will get it back to being stable again. Thanks for your patience. 10 May 2015, 1:08:55 UTC · Comment

Corrupt Index Caused Authentication Errors
An index on the user table in the database was corrupt and has been fixed. If you have issues or notice something that is out of sync somehow, please let me know.

The email address index on the user table was corrupted. This kept people from being able to authenticate when connecting. Ever heard that the definition of lunacy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? If that is true, some of you need some serious counselling. ;-)

When people couldn't connect, they attempted to authenticate and BOINC's logic is that if it can't find you, you must be new. So, it created another record because the index used to look up your existing record was corrupt -- or for some lunatics, another and another and another and another... That resulted in multiple user records with the same email address and because of that, I couldn't just drop and re-create the corrupt index because there were now duplicate data values that needed to first be removed.

So, after cleaning up hundreds of records each of which had to be manually evaluated to determine whether any other data was associated with the user record (since BOINC doesn't have any data integrity between tables because it uses no foreign key relationships in the database it will allow me to delete records that do have data associated with them which means I have to be very careful when fixing things). Once they were all removed, I was able to rebuild the index and allow everyone to access the project again.
5 Mar 2015, 23:58:18 UTC · Comment

Android 5, aka Lolipop or Android L not getting work
Android 5 was recently released but it is not currently working - mainly due to work fetch issues. We are working to identify and fix the issues as soon as possible. 12 Feb 2015, 0:50:11 UTC · Comment

Prepping for Android 5
Because Android 5 requires PIE support, the android app has been split into two plan classes, one for Android 4.1 and later (a new app), and another for earlier versions (the existing app). Please let me know if you run into any issues. 2 Feb 2015, 21:00:17 UTC · Comment

Database Is Back Online
During the nightly backup process, the database once again stopped responding and had to be restarted this morning. Rather than bring it back online as I have been doing, I spent the day trying to duplicate the issue, but to no avail. Before bringing it back online, the database tables were optimized and I checked to make sure the database is in sync with the BOINC file system. 21 Jan 2015, 2:50:24 UTC · Comment

Murphy's Law
Naturally, on the opening morning of hunting season, the server decided to hang while doing the backups. That left the project in a "down" status. Everything should be back up and running now. 21 Nov 2014, 20:13:47 UTC · Comment

Electrical Line Work
ComEd was out to replace the meter today. What is normally a 5 minute job ended up taking 3 guys almost 4 hours to complete and the UPS doesn't have that long of a runtime so the project was unavailable a some time. Everything should be back up and running normally now. 7 Nov 2014, 21:18:10 UTC · Comment

Up and Running
Don't blame the cat sitter! The server was online all last week. It was the firewall that was down. Naturally, I didn't leave directions on how to check that.
Regardless of the reason, Collatz is once again available. Before bringing the firewall back online, I ran a query to get the number and type of work units in progress for each host so I can manually grant credit for them if cancelled by the server for being late even if the grace period has not yet passed.
16 Jun 2014, 14:24:36 UTC · Comment

Potential Outage After June 5 thru June 15
From June 5-15, the temporary Collatz system admin will be the cat sitter. That doesn't sound very reassuring does it? Sorry, but if the server goes down and requires anything other than a simple reboot, there may be an extended outage.

Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are higher than normal since Commonwealth Edison (a.k.a. ComEd, the electrical company in the area) failed to notify me on their original attempt to replace my power meter last week but were unable to do so since it evidently takes at least two people to do it. Since they didn't call before the last attempt, Murphy's Law suggests that they will not call before the next attempt and that it will take place while I am on vacation. The cat sitter doesn't know how to switch over to the generator if the outage exceeds the UPS battery so if the power is out for an extended period, Collatz may remain down until I get back.
27 May 2014, 2:54:44 UTC · Comment

Server Back Online
I had intended to get the routine maintenance done prior to the 2014 BOINC Pentathlon Sprint rather than during it but due to a PBCAK (problem between chair and keyboard also known as operator error) the Collatz server attempted to install software it shouldn't have during the routine scheduled maintenance and there were some nasty unforeseen results. After a kernel panic followed closely by me panicking and multiple attempts at repairing the corrupted libraries without having to re-install the entire operating system, Collatz is now back online. 8 May 2014, 14:00:59 UTC · Comment

Micro Collatz CPU Apps
A few people have requested Micro Collatz work units for CPUs on Windows and Linux. Because not everyone wants them due to their short duration, I have added logic such that it will send the Micro work units only if the Measured Integer Speed is 4294 million ops/second or less. That number was chosen as it equates to that of a Intel E2160 Core 2 Duo running @ 1.8Ghz which is the slowest CPU I currently own but capable of running the Mini Collatz work units. In other words, it was a somewhat random choice and can be easily changed if the consensus is to make it either larger or smaller. The goal is so that those with older slower CPUs can receive Micro Collatz work units and complete them in a reasonable amount of time while keeping faster CPUs crunching for > 30 minutes. So, please let me know if this change causes any problems. 5 May 2014, 0:03:55 UTC · Comment

Missing Apps Part 2
If you have a CPU that cannot complete the mini_collatz work unit in less than 8 hours and would like the option to run the micro_collatz work units on your CPU, please let me know and I can enable the CPU apps for the micro_collatz work units.

I disabled the OpenCL for Intel GPUs for large_collatz work units as a majority of the Intel GPUs would not be able to complete the large work units before the deadline.

The deadline for work units has been increased to 14 days, up from 7. It will only take effect on newly created work units. It will not affect the work units that have already been created so there will be a mixture of them for a while. In the mean time, I have increased the grace period to 7 days so those work units with a 7 day deadline can be submitted up to 7 days late and still be awarded credit.

Running longer work units reduces network bandwidth, database size, and the load on the Collatz server. When the solo app was initially released over a year ago, there was a bonus for running the solo work units. It was not removed when the multi-size logic was added. When multi-size logic was moved last week, that bonus remained in effect for all apps including micro, mini, and large apps. The purpose of the bonus was to encourage everyone to run the largest app their machine could run. I don't want to only give the bonus to fast GPUs that can run the large work units since not everyone has a GPU fast enough to run the large work units. So, rather than remove the bonus from micro, mini, and solo work units, the credit bonus will not be awarded when any work unit is completed in less than 30 minutes. That way, it is both our best interests to run longer running work units. That, and the less I have to worry about the server, the more bass fishing I can get in on the weekends.

There are still a number of multi-sized solo work units mixed in with the new and larger solo work units. Please don't abort them unless they will run in under 30 minutes. The sooner they are completed, the sooner everyone will get the larger ones.
2 May 2014, 15:55:49 UTC · Comment

Missing Apps
If there is a specific plan class for a platform that is missing from the micro, mini, or large Collatz applications, please let me know. The solo work units are no longer multi-size so you will need to choose the application within the venue that work best for your machine. If you don't select an application, you should randomly get work from any that have applications for your platform and plan class.

I also increased the feeder to handle 600 work units in shared memory (up from 200), so if you are have problems getting a specific type of work unit, let me know so I can investigate further.
27 Apr 2014, 22:59:57 UTC · Comment

Phasing out Multi-Size
Due to a variety of server scheduling problems that have not been able to be resolved, Collatz will be phasing out the multi-size workunits over the next week or two and going back to using multiple applications. You will once again control your own destiny and be able to choose the size WUs by the application chosen (micro, mini, standard, and large). The big addition (pun intended) that will be the first to be deployed is the large_collatz application which will be 32 times the size of the largest multi-size workunit. It is aimed at the fastest GPUs to reduce the upload/download and workunit startup overhead of running smaller workunits. That should result in a higher RAC as well as a reduced load on the Collatz server. 23 Apr 2014, 23:25:14 UTC · Comment

Tip #42: User of the Day
How can you become the user of the day at your favorite BOINC project? Create or edit your profile. You won't be chosen as user of the day on a BOINC project unless you have a profile. Once selected, you won't be selected again unless you make some type of change to your profile.

"There are 9 remaining candidates for User of the Day." That's what the Collatz server is currently telling me. If the BOINC project admin knows a little SQL, he can reset the flag for the user of the day manually, but most won't ever both doing that. So, editing your profile or creating one if you don't have one is the best way to get your name back on the list.

In addition to showing your profile on the project home page when you are chosen as "user of the day", there is a site dedicated to tracking it over time much like the BOINC statistics sites track credits. Check it out at
6 Apr 2014, 15:02:32 UTC · Comment

Switching To CreditNew
The majority of BOINC projects are using CreditNew and includes all the largest projects. After much deliberation and more than a few run-ins with the credit cops, Collatz will switch to the CreditNew system beginning tomorrow.

I expect both the GPU and CPU credits will be drastically reduced because of this change but it will result in cross project parity at a level never before seen in BOINC. Since the basis of CreditNew is that credit is based on hardware across projects and not how well the hardware works on any one project, some changes to the applications will also be required. Not all projects have 64-bit applications or can make use of 64-bit math. As a result, a user running 32-bit windows on his 64-bit processor today only gets half as much credit because he only works half as fast as the user with a 64-bit operating system. That just isn't fair. The user doing half the work should get the same amount of credit because he has the same CPU. So, I will be removing all 64-bit Collatz applications. In addition, all assembly language and intrinsic optimizations will also be removed so that the applications run at a level that compares with the BOINC benchmarks since the benchmarks do not take into account any of those optimizations.

GPU optimizations will also be removed and all applications will be downgraded where ever possible to the oldest possible version. For example, CUDA 1.0 will now be the standard so that the project does not take advantage of any features not supported by the oldest nVidia GPU as it wouldn't be fair to the person who spend hundreds of dollars on a new GPU to get more credits just because his hardware works faster at certain calculations. The new Collatz GPU applications will only be allowed to run a few times faster than the CPU applications. That will allow Collatz to achieve parity with projects which have GPU applications that can't run in parallel very well. In order to assure that the oldest software will be used, all applications will be migrated to COBOL and entered via punch cards.

If your CPU or GPU is currently overclocked, you can dial it back since it will no longer matter. It has been said that credits are not worth anything. I think the contrary is true. Credits cost money. You hardware will now last longer because of this change and the result is that it will save you money. If you stop crunching altogether, just think how much money you will have!

Sure, some will see the lower credits at Collatz as a bad thing. But, think of it this way... While the credit will go down in Collatz, it really won't matter since all the Collatz applications will run at a level not seen since Apple IIe and DEC PDP-11s. You won't have to worry that your computer is getting less credits while using the same amount of electricity because even if you switch to another project, your credits and electric bill will remain constant. You will get less credit but the CEO's of the power companies will still get their bonuses thanks to your contributions.

Finally, because new volunteers who join the project won't ever be able to catch up to the credit leaders due to the switch to using CreditNew, the total credits will also be adjusted for all users, hosts, and teams. You will see an 80% reduction. But, on the bright side, you will be able to achieve those mega milestones tracked at FreeDC all over again!
1 Apr 2014, 13:55:43 UTC · Comment

Brook/CAL ATI for 32-bit Linux
I added a 6.00 version for 32-bit Linux app w/ ATI Brook+/CAL SDK 1.4. It compiles, but I have no idea whether it actually works as it was built on an Ubuntu 12.04 machine. That build machine does not have an AMD GPU installed which mean getting a little creative in order to get the Brook/CAL libraries installed.

If it will not run on your machine at all, please run "ldd solo_collatz_6.00_i686-pc-linux-gnu__ati14" and post the output. If it runs but errors out, please post the stderr.txt (the normal BOINC output).

If it does run, let me know as well. It uses the same command line parameters as the v2.09 ATI apps.
14 Mar 2014, 21:00:33 UTC · Comment

Android Applications Now Available
Solo Collatz applications are now available for Android. The Android application supports ARM, x86, and MIPS (Little Endian) processors. Assuming Murphy's Law will prevail as usual even though the apps work on my hardware, please let me know of any issues. 3 Mar 2014, 21:25:45 UTC · Comment

Variable Sized Wokunits & New CPU Applications
I have implemented BOINC's multi-size workunits which adjusts the size of the workunit to the speed of the processor. The workunits are all named solo_collatz but there will be 4 different sizes. The smallest will be the size of that the mini_collatz workunits used to be. The largest will remain the size of the original collatz and solo_collatz workunits or 8 times the size of the smallest. There are also intermediate sizes which are 25% and 50% of the size of the largest. You can think of it as mini, small, medium, and large or 100 billion, 200 bilion, 400 billion and 800 billion numbers per workunit. That also means that even though the workinit name is solo_collatz, the credit awarded is directly proportional to the work done. The mini workunit does 1/8th the work and is awarded 1/8th the credit.

The smaller size workunits allows me to release non-OpenCL versions of the CPU applications which use a single core/processor per workunit just like the old mini_collatz CPU applications.

Lastly, there still seems to be an issue with multiple venues and plan class choices. A fix will be put in place as soon as I figure out why it isn't working properly.
20 Feb 2014, 20:32:03 UTC · Comment

Solo Collatz Brook+/CAL (a.k.a. ATI) Applications Released for Windows
The Brook+/CAL application, otherwise known as plan class "ATI14", are now available for Windows and Windows 64. They are based on the 2.09 applications, but with the additional solo_collatz verification added. They utilize the same command line settings as the Collatz v2.09 ATI applications. Anyone with an AMD HD 2400 or later GPU can once again participate. In addition, those with AMD OpenCL compatible GPUs can choose via their preferences whether to run the ATI14 apps, the OpenCL AMD apps, or both.

Recent AMD video drivers, especially those installed for Windows 8 and even some for Windows 7, may not install the necessary CAL DLLs and therefore cannot run the Brook+/CAL application. Try as I might to manually install them, I had to downgrade a laptop with an ATI Mobility HD 3200 GPU from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 and also install an older version of the AMD video drivers in order to even test the solo_collatz Brook+/CAL application. Given that Brook+ has not been supported by AMD for a number of years and new AMD GPU hardware cannot run CAL applications, it is not all that surprising. So, if you have an older AMD Radeon HD series GPU that cannot run OpenCL applications and you want to continue to use it to run ATI applications with Collatz or other BOINC projects, you may want to avoid future AMD video driver upgrades.
19 Feb 2014, 4:51:19 UTC · Comment

Have your cake and eat it too!
While most people wanted only CUDA applications, some had some good reasons for using OpenCL applications which means it really can't be one or the other. As a result, you can use whichever you want or even both by selecting your preferred plan class(es) for each venue.

The Windows and Linux CUDA applications, both 32 and 64 bit, have been released so your preferences should take effect the next time your computer requests work. The default is that all plan classes are selected.
18 Feb 2014, 0:34:59 UTC · Comment

Back Online
There was a power outage due to a fire two blocks away which brought out emergency services from four suburbs. We took several big power hits in a row. Then the UPS decided its battery was no longer any good. It gave a warning for whole seconds which wasn't even close enough to get everything shut down properly. Everything is finally back online, just without a UPS. Considering a family just lost their entire home, I can't really complain about losing a UPS. 17 Feb 2014, 13:51:01 UTC · Comment

CUDA vs nVidia OpenCL User Poll
Testing is finishing up on the Collatz v6.xx application for CUDA. Before I release it, I'd like your opinion on how I should configure the scheduler on the server. Should it:

a) Send the CUDA if available and only send an nVidia OpenCL version if there is no CUDA version for the platform

b) Send the nVidia OpenCL version if available and only send the CUDA version if there is no nVidia OpenCL version for the platform

c) Let the BOINC client learn which is faster over time

Note: The CUDA application uses less than 1% CPU whereas the OpenCL versions use considerably more - sometimes up to 80%.
14 Feb 2014, 16:50:57 UTC · Comment

Long Run-Times? Optimize.
A number of people have been complaining about the increased run time of the recent Collatz applications. For each platform, there is only one OpenCL application and that one application has to work with really slow hardware and also work with little or no video lag. Unfortunately, faster hardware then runs at sub-optimal speeds. It isn't that the work units have increased in size, but rather that the GPU is only working half as hard as it used to.

The key to getting good performance on high end GPUs is optimization. But, it has been brought to my attention that the QWERTY challenged that live among us are incapable of typing in the five lines as explained in the Optimizing Collatz 4.07 Applications message board thread. I try not to discriminate against QWERTY challenged volunteers any more than I discriminate against those who cannot master using a mouse that has more than one button. So, I have attempted to make optimization easier. If you have a high end GPU simply replace the .config file(s) in the Collatz project folder with one from the opt_config folder. You will have to use your one-to-one correspondence skills to match exactly the config file name on your computer with the one from the opt_config folder, but I know you can do it!

For Windows Vista/7/8/8.1, the Collatz config files are located at: C:\ProgramData\BOINC\projects\boinc.thesonntags.com_collatz

For OS X users, the Collatz config files are located at: /Library/Application Support/BOINC Data/projects/boinc.thesonntags.com_collatz

For Linux users, well... you are Linux users! You don't need me to tell you where you installed BOINC! ;-)

The only caveat is that when a new Collatz version is released, you will need to repeat this process.

For those with really fast GPUs where the above still doesn't increase the load to 99%, add the app_config.xml file also found in the opt_config folder to the Collatz project folder. It is configured to run two Collatz GPU applications at once.

The opt_config folder also has a basic cc_config.xml with the schd_op_debug and use_all_gpus flags set. If you do not already have one, it would be placed in the BOINC folder located at C:\ProgramData\BOINC or /Library/Application Support/BOINC for Windows or OS X respectively.
11 Feb 2014, 16:14:35 UTC · Comment

More Updates
The second batch of credits was awarded yesterday.

Several application versions updates have been released, most to fix errors where the application would not run at all (Linux i686 and Windows 32-bit). The latest Windows x86_64 versions should fix the issue where the Collatz config settings were not read properly. If the Windows 64-bit versions work properly, the Windows 32-bit, Linux 32 and 64 bit, and OS X versions will also be updated. A new i686 Linux version is required as the current one does not have the GMP library linked properly for those who do not have the libgmp-dev package installed.

The scheduler now prefers Intel CPU over AMD CPU drivers should a host have both installed as the Intel driver is slightly faster.
10 Feb 2014, 3:02:28 UTC · Comment

Issues and Resolutions
One third of the lost credits have been restored. The remaining credits will be restored of the new several days. If your account does not exist because it was lost between the last full backup and now, please re-create your account using the same login name and email address and send me a PM and I will manually restore your stats.

A Windows ATI (CAL/Brook+) app was successfully compiled under VS2012 and is currently being tested so AMD HD 2400 thru HD 47xx GPUs will be able to participate.

The OpenCL CPU apps are not suspending properly. The issue has been replicated and is under investigation.

A number of volunteers are returning results with the error: "couldn't start app: CreateProcess() failed - (unknown error)". This is due to a missing Microsoft C++ Runtime library required by the nVidia OpenCL DLLs. The MSVC Runtimes are available from Microsoft at or from here for 32-bit or 64-bit hosts.
6 Feb 2014, 15:35:29 UTC · Comment

Collatz Back Online with Solo Collatz Only
Collatz is back online but there are a number of changes. First, all applications are OpenCL based including the nVidia and CPU applications. If you wish to use your CPU on this project, you will need either the Intel or AMD OpenCL driver installed. See the project home page for more info and links.

Second, all new applications have been deployed for all platforms which do additional internal validation and also gets all platforms back to the exact same code base. They all use the same config file format so they can be optimized the same way as the v4.xx application.

The validator will NOT accept data from versions as the output has changed slightly with the addition of v6.xx. While I hope there will be no problems with the new applications, I expect Murphy's Law will prevail.

I still have work to do to be able to grant credit for any lost pending and in progress work units, but it is planned.
4 Feb 2014, 23:10:58 UTC · Comment

Slowly Getting Back Online
If you haven't already done so, go ahead and abort any Collatz work units you have in your cache. Yes, even the ones that are complete. The disk corruption was such that the file system (workunits and result files) did not match the database so I had to cancel all of them so the system can be in sync when it comes back online.

Since the project was already down due to a major disk failure, I have taken the opportunity to make some additional changes to the Collatz infrastructure and software including:

There are still a large number of tasks to be completed before Collatz comes back online. At minimum, it will be another week. Thanks for your patience. 29 Jan 2014, 18:05:39 UTC · Comment

A Time of Giving
I would like to take the time to thank all you who volunteer your computer time and resources, especially at this time of year when we consider the ultimate gift given to all of us. In return, I have given each active participant (RAC > 100) a small gift in appreciation of your efforts. Thank you, and please remember the true meaning of Christmas as we all celebrate this holiday season. 24 Dec 2013, 22:09:30 UTC · Comment

Clearing up the Backlog (12/05/2013)
In order to clear up the backlog of half a million workunits that the BOINC daemons felt the need to create when the database was unresponsive, a number of them have been redesignated as solo_collatz workunits. Those workunits that were originally mini_collatz workunits will run in 1/8th the time and receive 1/8th the credit. Those workunits that were originally collatz workunits are the same size as the solo_collatz workunits and will take the normal time to crunch and receive the normal solo_collatz credit. 6 Dec 2013, 4:15:07 UTC · Comment

2,739 Steps
Congratulations to EG of team Ars Technica who discovered 2,739 steps for the number 2,382,737,577,286,911,665,266 on November 15, 2013. That ends the almost 3 year lull in the Collatz project record book!

Also, the bug in the daily high steps page has been fixed so that solo_collatz application results will display properly on the page.
3 Dec 2013, 21:47:40 UTC · Comment

Solo Validator Back Online (11/28/2013)
The solo_collatz validator was down due to it attempting to decode a corrupted WU. The faulty result has been set aside for further analysis and the validator is back up and running. It will probably take a while to catch up, so relax, eat some Turkey, watch the Packers beat the Lions, and check back later. Happy Thanksgiving! 28 Nov 2013, 14:31:38 UTC · Comment

Drive Error
An error on one of the mirrored data drives has caused some concern. The server is currently running without any RAID on the data drives. While the data has been remotely archived, a drive failure on the remaining data drive could result in a loss of data between the last backup and the time at which the drive fails. The drive that has failed will be replaced as soon as possible but will likely not happen prior to early next week due to other commitments. 10 Oct 2013, 4:04:38 UTC · Comment

OpenCL Application Update for OS X
I released v4.09 for OS X w/ NVidia GPUs for mini_collatz, collatz, and solo_collatz applications. I could use a few people to help test the OS X AMD OpenCL application and, assuming Apple supports OpenCL for Intel GPUs, help with testing that also. 6 Aug 2013, 13:44:52 UTC · Comment

Up and Running Again
The new server is finally up and running and everything that could be recovered from the old server was moved over to it. Total credit and RAC were updated from the last stats dump since it was several hours newer than the database backup. Unfortunately, the server has no knowledge of any work units sent out between the database backup and the crash. While I can recreate the missing work units, I cannot create the missing result records because I have no way of knowing which host was sent which work unit. As is often the case with a new deployment, there will likely be a few glitches so please let me know of any issues. Thanks. 26 Jul 2013, 19:30:46 UTC · Comment

Badges? We need stinkin' badges!
Badges have been implemented using the following colors and credit totals:
Bronze - 100K
Silver - 1M
Gold - 5M
Amethyst - 20M
Ruby - 100M
Sapphire - 500M
Emerald - 2B

The badges can be seen on the "My Account" page as well as a number of other places. Thanks to all who contributed to the badges implementation discussion. A special thanks goes out to:
* chip for providing the badge images
* arkayn and x3mEn for identifying the specific web pages where the badges should be displayed
* yoyo for providing the MySQL database changes
* Bok for adding the Collatz badges on FreeDC stats (coming soon)
21 Jun 2013, 15:50:32 UTC · Comment

Back Online
The server is back online. Unfortunately, the cause for the outage is unknown. I will work on replacing the server so that the project can have more stability. Also, the grace period was extended to 3 days in case any WUs couldn't be returned prior to their deadlines so you can still receive credit if they are returned late. 3 Jun 2013, 14:54:28 UTC · Comment

Credit Calculations
On Friday, the Collatz server was upgraded in order to fix a problem with Intel GPUs getting work. Unfortunately, when it was upgraded, I missed one key line of code when merging the Collatz specific code back into the BOINC server code which lead to a reduction in credits. That has been rectified and the credits have been adjusted. I apologize for any inconvenience. 28 May 2013, 0:54:16 UTC · Comment

Intel GPUs Supported
The Collatz server was upgraded with the latest BOINC server software to resolve the work request issues for Intel GPUs and I am happy to report that Intel GPU work requests are now working properly. If you are experiencing any side effects from this deployment, please let me know ASAP. 24 May 2013, 20:01:27 UTC · Comment

It's Alive - Part III
I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the Collatz server is back online. The bad news is that I don't know why it wasn't running in the first place as there is no indication in the logs as to why it failed/shutdown. I'm hoping it was just a loose power cord which I've swapped out with one that fits tighter in the new power supply. 22 May 2013, 15:24:46 UTC · Comment

It's Alive - Part II
A lightning strike took out a transformer in the middle of the night and I wasn't awake to start up the generator until after the UPS ran out of power. To add to the trouble, the firewall refused to boot due to a hard drive failure. That all seems pretty trivial when looking at the aftermath of the storm in Oklahoma. 21 May 2013, 12:52:03 UTC · Comment

It's Alive!
The Collatz server is back up and running with its shiny new power supply. Sorry for any inconvenience. 20 May 2013, 15:04:35 UTC · Comment

Solo_Collatz v4.07 Released for Linux GPUs
The solo_collatz version 4.07 application has been added for Linux 64-bit systems with NVidia and AMD GPUs. Please report any issues on the message board. 16 May 2013, 20:17:36 UTC · Comment

v4.07 Released for Windows
Windows Version 4.07 has been released for Collatz, Mini_Collatz, and Solo_Collatz. This version fixes a bug in checkpointing as well as allows Catalyst 13.4 drivers to use OpenCL optimization which can increase the speed by up to 6 times versus v4.06. (Note: It still isn't as fast as the ATI 2.09 app on older GPUs though.) As usual, please report any issues. 16 May 2013, 18:00:40 UTC · Comment

v4.06 Application Released for Windows x64 for OpenCL
Version 4.06 for Windows Vista/7/8 64-bit operating systems with AMD OpenCL GPUs has been released for collatz, mini_collatz, and solo_collatz applications. This release should fix the issues people with HD 7xxx and later GPUs and/or recent AMD Catalyst 13.x drivers have been having. If you continue to have problems, please respond to this thread via the message board. 9 May 2013, 22:15:48 UTC · Comment

ByeBye Wingman
A new application has been added named "solo_collatz". This application has a quorum of 1 so credit will be granted as soon as the result is validated. Rather than wait for a second computer to return the same result, the solo application uses the CPU to double check the GPU results eliminating the need for a wingman. Multiple instances of the solo CUDA and OpenCL applications can be run on a GPU at a time via the use of an app_config.xml file if GPU utilization is lower than with previous Collatz applications.

If you wish to run both GPU and CPU applications, it is suggested that you uncheck both "collatz" and "mini_collatz", check "solo_collatz" and also check "If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications?" That will enable you to get mini_collatz work for you CPU and solo_collatz work for your GPU.
19 Apr 2013, 16:50:12 UTC · Comment

Server Upgrade on Thursday, April 18th
On Thursday morning, April 18th, the Collatz server will be taken down to upgrade it to the latest BOINC server software. This upgrade should enable Collatz to support OpenCL applications on Intel embedded GPUs. 16 Apr 2013, 21:35:09 UTC · Comment

Collatz 4.xx Windows OpenCL App for AMD 32 and 64 bit Released
Collatz 4.xx app for AMD OpenCL for both 32 and 64 bit Windows has been released. Please let me know of any problems with the new applications.
5 Apr 2013, 14:42:22 UTC · Comment

Collatz 4.xx Applications Released for Linux
32 and 64 bit Linux applications have been released for CPU, CUDA, and OpenCL ATI. The CUDA and OpenCL applications are limited to mini_collatz and should be considered experimental at this time as they are not fully tested. 28 Mar 2013, 16:34:41 UTC · Comment

Collatz 4.xx CUDA and CPU Applications Released for Windows x86
32-bit CUDA and CPU Windows versions of the Collatz 4.xx apps have been released. 26 Mar 2013, 18:44:54 UTC · Comment

Collatz 4.xx CUDA and CPU Applications Released for Windows x86_64
Two new v4.xx applications were released today, one for 64-bit Windows and the other for CUDA 5.0 for 64-bit Windows. These now contain internal validation which will reduce the "inconclusive" results and, once all platforms and plan classes have been upgraded, reduce the quorum to 1. Versions for Linux, OS/X, and 32-bit Windows will be released as testing on each is completed. 26 Mar 2013, 13:45:21 UTC · Comment

Server Back Online
While doing what I thought were minor updates in preparation to update the BOINC server code, I accidently updated a few major components (e.g. the web server and database) which required the project to be shut down during the installation. Everything should be back to normal, but if you run into issues, please response to this thread on the message board. Thanks. 19 Feb 2013, 23:26:33 UTC · Comment

Collatz v3.17 CUDA Testers for Windows Needed
Version 3.17 of the Collatz CUDA application for Windows is now available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. This fixes a bug in versions 3.15 and 3.16 which can result in invalid results being returned. If you are testing either v3.15 or v3.16, you strongly encouraged to update to v3.17.

Windows 32-bit:

Windows x64:

It requires CUDA v4.2 drivers and must be installed as an anonymous application (a.k.a. using app_info.xml file). Also, optimization parameters are located in a config file so check the README.
30 Oct 2012, 20:00:10 UTC · Comment

Scheduler Bug Fixed
The scheduler bug has been fixed, so anyone having trouble over the weekend getting work should now be able to do so.

While fixing the custom scheduler so it would send CUDA v4.2 tasks properly, some code that was not fully tested pertaining to OpenCL tasks was inadvertantly deployed late last week and was keeping hosts with AMD/ATI GPUs from getting work regardless of the type of work being requested. That has now been rectified.
22 Oct 2012, 20:59:58 UTC · Comment

Collatz v3.16 CUDA Testers for Windows Needed
Version 3.16 of the Collatz CUDA application for Windows is now available in both 32 and 64 bit versions. It looks to be approximately 20% faster than v2.03. I'm looking for people to help test it on a variety of GPUs. If you would like to assist and post back your results, it can be downloaded at:

Windows 32-bit:

Windows x64:

It requires CUDA v4.2 drivers and must be installed as an anonymous application (a.k.a. using app_info.xml file). Also, optimization parameters have been moved from the command line to a config file so check the README.

EDIT: Version is now 3.16. If you downloaded v3.15, please upgrade to v3.16.
18 Oct 2012, 19:14:02 UTC · Comment

Collatz v3.14 for Win32 and CUDA 4.2 Released
A new Windows 32-bit version for CUDA 4.2 has been released. Version 3.14 is available as a stock application and, for those who wish to tweak the settings, it is also available from the optimized applications page. 27 Jul 2012, 16:20:54 UTC · Comment

Windows CUDA 4.0 and CUDA 4.2 Versions
Due to a PBCAK (problem between chair and keyboard), the CUDA 4.2 apps were actually CUDA 4.0 and the wrong CUDA runtime DLL was included in the optimized applications zip file. This has now been corrected resulting in both CUDA 4.0 and CUDA 4.2 applications being available for 32 and 64-bit Windows. 9 Jul 2012, 18:35:18 UTC · Comment

CUDA 4.2 Version for Windows Now Available
Collatz v3.11 for CUDA 4.2 has been added as an optimized application. Performance has been improved over both the Collatz v2.xx and v3.11 for OpenCL. This will become a standard Collatz CUDA application once a number of people have run it on a variety of nVidia GPUs. 3 Jul 2012, 19:33:48 UTC · Comment

Internet Access Restored
The Internet connection, which was down due to severe thunderstorms since yesterday afternoon, is now up again. Sorry for any inconvenience. 2 Jul 2012, 15:44:11 UTC · Comment

OpenCL Applications
OpenCL versions of the application have been released for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and for 64-bit Linux.

The validator has also been modified to catch invalid results from AMD HD 7xxx GPUs running the ATI Brook+ applications. Those GPUs should automatically be sent the new OpenCL applications which will validate correctly.
26 Jun 2012, 18:56:45 UTC · Comment

New MAC OS X OpenCL Version
The MAC OS X version has been updated to v3.10. It contains several performance updates and [hopefully] a bug fix that was causing sporadic errors when running the larger collatz workunits. 7 Jun 2012, 17:45:59 UTC · Comment

BOINC Pentathlon
Collatz has been chosen as the GPU project for the 2012 BOINC Pentathlon hosted by SETI.Germany. The competition will run from May 7 to May 12. For more information, please visit the official BOINC Pentathlon web site. 30 Apr 2012, 23:09:13 UTC · Comment

Server Back Online
There was a power outage at 7:51PM CST on 4/6/2012 which lasted longer than the UPS. As I was out of town for the holiday weekend, I didn't have physical access until this afternoon. Everything is back up and running although it will probably take an hour or two for everyone to upload their workunits and get new work. The grace period for returning work has been increased to 7 days so any outstanding results that are past the deadline should still get credit it completed. 10 Apr 2012, 21:38:06 UTC · Comment

Checkpointing Fixed MAC OS X OpenCL Application
Version 3.06 has been released for Mac OS X which fixes the checkpointing problem experienced with previous versions. 12 Jan 2012, 23:00:03 UTC · Comment

MAC OS X OpenCL Application Added
An OpenCL application for Mac OS X 10.6 (or higher) is now avaialable. It should run on both nVidia and AMD graphics cards. Please be aware that checkpointing has not been fully tested. 5 Jan 2012, 20:17:19 UTC · Comment

Edit Profile Fixed
The recaptcha was no longer working so no one could edit or create a profile. I removed the recaptcha for now. If you wish to create or edit your profile, you should be able to do so now. (Thanks to Erol Kutay Ozdemir for reporting the problem.) 29 Dec 2011, 16:12:25 UTC · Comment

Unscheduled Maintenance
A large number of connections were getting dropped this afternoon which required some unscheduled maintenance on the database. The maintenance is almost complete. Once complete, the scheduler and daemons will be brought back online and result in a more responsive system. I expect it to be back online before 7:00pm CST. 15 Nov 2011, 0:32:25 UTC · Comment

Planned Outage on 9/27
The project will be down this morning starting around 9 or 9:30am while a new electrical circuit is added but should be back up within a few hours. 27 Sep 2011, 11:57:34 UTC · Comment

Comcast Outage
Around 7:45 a.m. on 7/4/2011 The network line went down. As of 11:50 a.m., there is still no word on when it will be back up and I am not sure how many technicians are actually working this Independance Day.
Then again, if you are reading this, it is already back up and running. :-)
4 Jul 2011, 16:54:09 UTC · Comment

OpenID Authentication
Thanks to the work of Daniel Lombraña González, you can now log on to your Collatz account using a Google or Yahoo OpenID in addition to your BOINC email and password. 4 Jun 2011, 20:59:25 UTC · Comment

Database Error Repaired and New UPS Installed
The power outage and subsequent server crash yesterday caused several problems. The feeder would start but shutdown soon after. Same with the transitioner. The problem was a corruption in the result table. After repairing it, everything appears to be back to normal except for the ridiculously large number of workunits ready to send. I guess the work generator checks the wrong count because it just kept creating workunits (1.6 million!!!)instead of stopping when it reached 1000.

Since the system was down to repair the database anyway, I installed the new UPS at the same time so hopefully all the power outage woes are behind us now.
30 May 2011, 16:46:53 UTC · Comment

Server Back Online
When I got home from work all the systems were down and it wasn't due to a power outage. It looks like the UPS might need replacing. 27 May 2011, 3:21:32 UTC · Comment

A lightning strike took out the transformer a block away while I out and wasn't around to start up the generator. Everything should be back online now. 22 May 2011, 22:02:24 UTC · Comment

Power Outage
The power failed for longer than the UPS can handle while I was at work causing the server to go crash. It should be back up now, but if you notice anything strange, please post a comment to this new item. 10 May 2011, 23:15:32 UTC · Comment

Forum Posting Changes
For security reasons, in order to post to the forum you must now have a recent average credit (RAC) of 50 or more and a total credit of 500 or more. So, if you have problems getting your first workunit to complete successfully, you will need to leave a private message or send an email to ask for assistance. 9 Mar 2011, 1:27:55 UTC · Comment

CPUs now limited to running Mini Collatz App
Now that the mini_collatz application is up and running, CPU applications have now been deprecated in the collatz application. CPUs will instead run the shorter the mini_collatz application.

To crunch with both CPUs and fast GPUs, edit your preferences as follows:
1. check "collatz",
2. uncheck "mini_collatz",
3. check "If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications?"

You should get collatz workunits for your GPU and mini_collatz workunits for your CPU.
15 Feb 2011, 19:05:40 UTC · Comment

Mini Collatz App Released
The mini collatz application has been released. If your machine is capable of running the collatz app, please continue to do so as the mini collatz app places a higher load on the server. Please check your preferences as both are enabled by default. If you have a mixture of fast and slow machines, you may want to consider creating sepearate preferences for work/home/school with collatz enabled for one and mini collatz enabled for another and then setting each host location as appropriate. 1 Feb 2011, 1:59:46 UTC · Comment

New Application Coming Soon
In a few days, there will be a second app option named "mini_collatz" which uses the same apps but checks a much smaller range of numbers per workunit. Those with fast GPUs should unselect mini_collatz in their project preferences as they will likely run out of work each day if running the shorter WUs.
Those choosing to disable the longer Collatz WUs should make sure to check the "If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications?" option so they will continue to get until prior to the new app being enabled.
28 Jan 2011, 22:40:26 UTC · Comment

Server Maintenance Friday 1/28/2011
In order to support workunits of multiple sizes (e.g. smaller workunits for CPUs and older GPUs and larger workunits for fast GPUs), several updates to the server daemons are required and the first change is deploying a new work generator for the current application. This will be installed Friday afternoon. The changes are expected to take no more than 30 minutes. 26 Jan 2011, 3:22:16 UTC · Comment

Power Restored
We had a power outage in the area this evening due to snow and ice. Everything is now back online. 18 Jan 2011, 3:25:26 UTC · Comment

It's Alive!
*The server maintenance has been completed.
*The BOINC server software has been updated to the latest stable release (v22891).
*The workunit size has been increased so that the fastest GPUs should take 15-20 minutes to complete a workunit.
9 Jan 2011, 22:56:26 UTC · Comment

Planned Outage
The Collatz server will be down tomorrow morning, probably starting around 9a.m. CST (13:00 UTC) to replace the single 500GB boot drive with RAID 1 mirrored drives. Down time will likely be a minimum of six hours and a maximum of ???. 8 Jan 2011, 1:58:33 UTC · Comment

Server Status - Good and Bad
The server is up but the work generator is not. That is on purpose. The server reports that the boot drive needs to be replaced which means reinstalling Linux, Apache, MySQL, etc. Unfortunately, that disk also contains the partician for the WUs waiting to be sent out. I won't have time to replace it until this weekend. So, until then, I'd rather be cautious and not generate any new work just in case Mr. Murphy is still hanging around. You should be able to return any completed results in the mean time so your BOINC client doesn't get overwhelmed with the number of workunits it tries to monitor. 6 Jan 2011, 4:04:52 UTC · Comment

There was a slight PBCAK while installing a new 42U rack today. Someone (me) bumped the power cord from the Collatz server which isn't even in the new rack. Due to the crash, it had disk errors while booting which took a little while to recover. Since the server was already down, I also took the time to optimize the database which was long overdue. Everything should be back to normal now. 3 Jan 2011, 22:39:17 UTC · Comment

Stepping Higher!
1.9 quintillion numbers have been checked since the last high steps was found so finding a new high is more difficult than winning the lottery. Congratulations goes out to valterc and Georges who have are the first to find a number with 2,651 steps on 27 December 2010. The very next day, valterc again found another one with 2,651 steps. This time, his wingman was [XTBA>XTC] FRED. The new find has been noted on the Collatz Best Results page.

If you prefer better odds, your chances of finding the daily high is about 1 in 35,000. Those results can be found on the Daily Highest Steps page.
31 Dec 2010, 7:12:31 UTC · Comment

I'm taking a much needed vacation so the project will more or less be on its own for the next week. While I don't expect any problems, Murphy always seems to show up when unexpected. 8 Oct 2010, 1:02:29 UTC · Comment

Deer Amber Alert
Someone seems to have kidnapped all the deer as I didn't see a single one during the entire opening weekend of bow hunting. ;-)

The actual (good) news is that the Collatz server had no outages while I was busy this past weekend. That's a welcome relief from the troubles last year although the real test starts Friday when I leave for vacation since the Slicker-sitter is not a system admin and I won't have Internet access for most of the time I am away.
4 Oct 2010, 13:59:15 UTC · Comment

Patience is a Virtue
It has 2.6 sextillion numbers (2,682,561,764,939,817,403 to be exact) and over six months of crunching, but [BOINC@Poland]Voice1980 and Giorgio found a number with 2620 steps which is a new high for this project. 9 Sep 2010, 12:46:55 UTC · Comment

CUDA 3.1 Application Available for OS/X
Version 2.04 of the CUDA application for OS/X has been compiled for CUDA 3.1. Like the CUDA 3.1 Windows and Linux applications, it will not run with older drivers. This is a manually installed application (e.g. uses an app_info.xml file) since the server is not yet CUDA 3.1 aware. 4 Sep 2010, 13:48:12 UTC · Comment

CUDA 3.1 Application Available for Windows
Collatz version 2.05 is now available on the Optimized Applications page for those running Windows with CUDA 3.1 drivers. It is not compatible with previous CUDA versions, so if you do not have the 257.21 (or higher) nVidia drivers installed, this is not for you. The application will run on both x86 and x64 systems. 27 Aug 2010, 6:43:50 UTC · Comment

Back to Normal
After Comcast replaced some cable, put new ends on all the cables and replaced the splitters. They say the network should be OK now. I guess time will tell... 17 Jul 2010, 19:48:01 UTC · Comment

Back to Comcast...
Collatz is now back on the old ISP which means the IP changed again and everyone gets to restart their BOINC client in order to upload or download work. Sorry about that.
Why? After spending several hours both online and on the phone, it was determined that the new ISP and I defined "unlimited use" differently. Their definition is "about 5GB per month" which Collatz exceeded easily this past week, whereas my definition of unlimited use is... unlimited use. Silly me. The search for a stable, low cost ISP begins again...
26 Jun 2010, 3:12:38 UTC · Comment

Internet Provider Testing
The power is back on, and the network is now up as well.
For the next week or so, Collatz will be testing an alternate Internet provider. That means that the IP address has changed so you will need to restart your BOINC client in order to upload your results and get more work. I would appreciate any feedback as to how well the new connection is working or not working, whichever the case may be.
21 Jun 2010, 23:37:46 UTC · Comment

Network Back Online
Once again, the network is operational again. For now. It seems the signal strength from Comcast/Xfinity is about as good as BP's fixes for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. 17 Jun 2010, 2:04:39 UTC · Comment

Power Up/Down/Up/Down/Up/Down/Up
The storms that passed through the central USA cause three separate power failures today in my area and the UPS did not have time to recharge between them. So, I had to power everything off during the last outage. I was in the process of getting the backup generator up and running when the power came back on. Now that the UPS is charged back up and the Collatz database checked out OK, everything is back online. 31 May 2010, 20:11:16 UTC · Comment

Network Back Online
We experience a network outage that started yesterday at 3:00 PM CST and lasted until this 8:00 AM CST this morning. Not being able to do anything online last night and not having cable, I went to see Iron Man 2 last night. Just as the big fight seen started at the end, the theater lost all power. Let's hope today fares better. 30 May 2010, 13:32:44 UTC · Comment

Windows CUDA 2.04 Opt App Now Available
The Windows CUDA 2.04 application is now available on the Optimized Applications page and a thread has been created on the message board to report any issues, suggestions, etc. 20 May 2010, 18:45:55 UTC · Comment

Let's all sing "Das Deutschlandlied"
Congratulations to SETI.Germany in the first BOINC Pentathlon. They had a very tight race with Electronic Sports League (ESL) here in Collatz but managed to pass ESL in the last few hours of the competition giving them the win in the Mathematics discipline. That win also led to SETI.Germany taking #1 overall in the first BOINC Pentathlon. I also have to say, "WOW!" Who thought ESL would do so well and lead the competition until the last couple days? Congratulations to ESL as well on finishing #2.

During the competition, more than 10 petaFLOPS of computing power was active in Collatz! Thanks to all who participated.
18 May 2010, 12:04:27 UTC · Comment

Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!!!
The competition is officially underway as of 7:00 CDT and will continue for the next 5 days. For more information about the competition's projects, statistics, etc. check out the BOINC Pentathlon pages on SETI.Germany's web site. 12 May 2010, 0:46:16 UTC · Comment

BOINC Pentathlon
SETI.Germany has announced that Collatz will represent the mathematics discipline in the BOINC Pentathlon. The Collatz leg of the challenge runs from May 12, 2010 00:00 UTC to May 17, 2010 00:00 UTC. Good luck everyone!

[EDIT: Dates were incorrect.]
6 May 2010, 14:05:19 UTC · Comment

Pre-Vacation Server Upgrade
The server has been doing pretty well the last couple months, but since I'm going on vacation for a week, I decided the server could use a RAM infusion just in case Mr. Murphy decides to impose his laws on me when I'm without any Internet access for a few days. The entire BOINC database is now cached in memory, so I don't expect any performance problems even in both MilkyWay and DNETC are down for maintenance at the same time although I probably jinxed myself saying that. 30 Apr 2010, 20:05:41 UTC · Comment

Server Upgrade Completed
The server was upgrade to the latest stable version. Please double check your preferences. The update seems to have removed any home/work/school preferences and may have changed the defaults as well due to the addition of the "use ATI" and "use nVidia" options. 2 Apr 2010, 15:44:39 UTC · Comment

Planned Server Maintenance
The Collatz project will be down at times over the Easter weekend to upgrade the BOINC software. The upgrade will start on the morning of April 1st. (No, this is not an April Fool's joke.) If all goes well, it should be back up within a few hours. 27 Mar 2010, 18:07:00 UTC · Comment

100 Countries Contributing
According to the BOINCstats site, Collatz now has contributors from over 100 countries. There might even be more since some have never bothered to set the country. Still, others have chosen "None" which I guess means they either have been exciled or don't recognize the government in power. Regardless, thanks to all for your support. To see if you are one of the first to join from your country, you can see the list which has been posted to the message board here. 7 Mar 2010, 20:24:00 UTC · Comment

CUDA Driver Downgrade Recommended by nVidia
nVidia suggests downgrading from 196.75 drivers to 196.21 drivers because of a problem some are having where the fan speed slows down to the point where the GPU overheats and could possibly be damaged. 6 Mar 2010, 0:09:00 UTC · Comment

Possible Network Outages Over the Next Several Days
Comcast left a voicemail yesterday evening stating that they would be upgrading equipment in my area over the next several nights and that brief outages should be expected. I'm guessing this is for the Xfinity upgrade they have been advertising on TV lately, but since they don't share any details (a.k.a. CYA), that is just a guess. At least they called first this time. The network was down for about a half hour early this morning. That doesn't explain why it was down at about 10:00 A.M. CST yesterday for a half hour, though. Let's all hope that the upgrades result in more stability since faster broadband with Xfinity won't matter much if the lines are down. 3 Mar 2010, 14:13:00 UTC · Comment

Daily Stats Added
Since the high steps seldom gets surpassed and since everyone likes to know how well they are doing, I've added some daily stats which is updated every 5 minutes or so. It shows the top steps each day along with the top steps from recent days. The new stats page can be found here. Also, congrats to PoorBoy and c0d1g0 on the new high of 2,589 steps! 23 Feb 2010, 14:34:00 UTC · Comment

Comcast Woes
Comcast is cutting over to all digital in the next couple days for their TV signals and evidently, the technicians don't know the difference between TV and Internet connections as both have been down for the last 5 hours. Upload and grab work when you can because given their track record it will take them a week or more to figure out what the actual problem is. 13 Feb 2010, 17:09:00 UTC · Comment

Windows ATI v2.09 Application
The Windows ATI v2.09 application has been made the standard appliciation. This version brings a slight performance inmprovement over v2.06 for HD 3xxx and HD 4xxx series cards and a larger performance improvement for HD 5xxx series cards. Note: This is the same version that has been available for the last two weeks as an optimized application. 17 Jan 2010, 15:35:00 UTC · Comment

MAC OS X CUDA Application Testing
With the help of a few volunteer testers (Paul and Zombie) and a special version of BOINC just for MAC OS X CUDA (thanks to Charlie), the first successful MAC OS X CUDA workunits were completed this morning. We are still working out some of the installation issues in attempts to make it as easy as possible, but the good news is IT WORKS! 9 Jan 2010, 17:05:00 UTC · Comment

Windows ATI v2.09 Optimized Apps Available
Version 2.09 of the ATI application for Windows has been made available on the power/optimized applications page. This version should run a little faster on all ATI cards. Install now, or just be patient. Version 2.09 is slated to become the standard application for Windows ATI within the next week if no issues are found by those running it as a optimized application. 5 Jan 2010, 15:18:00 UTC · Comment

Windows ATI v2.08 Optimized Apps Released
Version 2.08 of the ATI application for Windows has been made available. This version allows running an HD 5xxx card along side older series cards (HD 2xxx thru 4xxx) in the same machine. This version is currently available only as an optimized application. As was true with v2.07, there is no speed benefit to installing this for ATI HD 2xxx, 3xxx, or 4xxx series GPUs. 2 Jan 2010, 17:00:00 UTC · Comment

Windows ATI v2.07 Optimized Apps Released
Version 2.07 of the ATI application for Windows has been made available on the power applications page. This version takes advantage of some new performance features of the RV8xx chipset used in HD 5xxx series ATI GPUs which should allow them to run faster than with the v2.06 application. While older (HD 2xxx thru HD 4xxx) GPUs will not see any speed improvement, this version will also work with those GPUs. Please take care when installing to download the appropriate versions for your operating system and Catalyst drivers. Please refer to the readme included in each zip file for more information. (Thanks Gipsel!) 30 Dec 2009, 4:58:00 UTC · Comment

64-bit MAC OS X Application Released
A MAC OS X application is now available for those running a 64-bit version of OSX 10.5 or higher. 29 Dec 2009, 5:13:00 UTC · Comment

Merry Christmas
If the winter weather cooperates, I'll be visiting family over the holidays. Unlike the shepherds of old who kept watch over their flocks by night, I'll only be checking the server every day or two. Either way, peace on earth and good will towards crunchers! 23 Dec 2009, 5:58:00 UTC · Comment

MAC OS X Application Now Available
Version 2.01 is now available for Mac OS 10.4 or later running on Intel processors. 22 Dec 2009, 0:06:00 UTC · Comment

Linux GPU Updates
The optimized applications page now has updated ATI and CUDA applications which run at normal priority. 29 Nov 2009, 18:18:00 UTC · Comment

Server Migration Complete
The server migration has been completed. The backup/restore took a little longer than expected as did figuring out some of the permissions on the various directories but the BOINC WIKI pages came to the rescue again. 27 Nov 2009, 20:50:00 UTC · Comment

Planned Maintenance for Friday, November 27
The Collatz project will be down for a few hours on Friday, November 27th in order to complete the migration to the new server. 25 Nov 2009, 14:28:00 UTC · Comment

Backlog Cleared/Database Server Upgraded
The validator/transitioner backlog has been cleared. The database has been migrated to the new server which should reduce the I/O strain that caused the backlog in the first place. 23 Nov 2009, 2:38:00 UTC · Comment

Vacation Time
For the next 10 days, there will be limited support and monitoring of the Collatz project while I am on vacation. I'll try and check it once or twice a day if Internet access is available. 12 Nov 2009, 14:05:00 UTC · Comment

ATI Application Now Available for 64-bit Linux
Thanks to Crunch3r, Collatz now has an ATI application for the 64-bit linux platform. The application is available on the Optimized Applications page. It must be manually installed at this time. Please refer to the readme included in with the download for installation and testing instructions. 5 Nov 2009, 17:35:00 UTC · Comment

Workunit Size Increased 50 Perccent
The size of the workunits was increased by 50% which should help those with high end GPUs cache more hours of work by increasing the runtime by 50%. It should also reduce the load on the server which has been needing constant attention lately to keep it running. Increasing the size of the workunit will also increase the total steps and therefore the credit in proportional to the increased size. 5 Nov 2009, 6:26:00 UTC · Comment

Mandatory ATI Upgrade to v2.06
The ATI v2.06 application was released two weeks ago, but there are still users submitting results with ATI v2.05 applications which are known to cause the validator to crash. On Friday, November 6th, I will be intalling a new validator that will mark any ATI v2.05 results returned after Thursday, November 5th as invalid. Credit will not be granted. The result will be discarded and re-issued to another user. 2 Nov 2009, 20:23:00 UTC · Comment

Linux 32-bit CUDA Application Added
The CUDA app for Linux 32-bit has been added to the Optimized Applications page and the app_info.xml for the 64-bit Linux CUDA app has also been corrected. (Thanks Crunch3r!) 26 Oct 2009, 18:41:00 UTC · Comment

Over 1 Million Workunits Served
Give yourselves a pat on the back! Collatz participants from 72 countries have now completed more than one million Collatz workunits, returned more than 3.5 million results and, according to BOINCstats, earned over a billion BOINC credits. Thanks for contributing! 20 Oct 2009, 21:37:00 UTC · Comment

Back Online; ATI 2.05 Applications Deprecated
The project is back online after the outage this weekend. If you are using an ATI GPU and have not converted to v2.06 yet, you may want to do so now. Any WU that crashes the validator will be deleted. No credit awarded. After having manually fixed several hundred in the last 24 hours, I am tired of fixing. If you are using the standard ATI apps, the ATI 2.06 app has probably already downloaded and your have nothing to do. If you are running an app_info.xml and have not yet upgraded, you may want to do so as soon as possible. If the 2.05 results continue to crash the validator, I will change the validator to reject any new 2.05 results so that the project does not crash again next weekend. 20 Oct 2009, 2:42:00 UTC · Comment

ATI v2.06 Optimized App Now Available
An ATI v2.06 app has been made available in the optimized/power apps page. This version should reduce or maybe even eliminate the validator crashes as it uses the v2.xx encoding of the output file. Within the next couple days, this will become the standard (stock) ATI app as well. 14 Oct 2009, 20:21:00 UTC · Comment

ATI v2.05B Apps Released
The v2.05B apps have been installed as the standard ATI apps. They are also available from the Message Board at this thread and will be moved to the optimized applications page as well later on today. 7 Oct 2009, 14:41:00 UTC · Comment

ATI v2.05 Apps Released
Gipsel has provided an updated ATI appplication which is now available on the Power (Optimized) Applications page. For the list of specific changes, refer to the change log section of the readme.txt. 6 Oct 2009, 13:43:00 UTC · Comment

ATI v2.04 Apps Released
New v2.04 ATI app for Windows are available on the optimized applications page. If running the 9.2+ drivers, use the * versions. If using 8.12 or 9.1 drivers, please use the * versions. The new apps are faster and do not require copying and renaming the DLLs. If running BOINC 6.10.10 or higher with 9.2+ drivers installed, the v2.04 app will download automatically. See the readme.txt in each download for information on how you can tune it for your system using the app_info file. 30 Sep 2009, 3:11:00 UTC · Comment

Linux x64 CUDA App Now Available
A Linux 64bit CUDA version has been added and is available on the Power (Optimized) Applications page. I've included an app_info.xml file but the app info is untested. Please see the message board if you need assistance installing the Linux CUDA app. 30 Sep 2009, 2:20:00 UTC · Comment

Welcome BOINC 6.10.x alpha testers
The server has been upgraded to support the 6.10.10 clients. Issues should be logged to the message board at the BOINC alpha test message board. We will try to respond as fast as possible to resolve any issues found. 29 Sep 2009, 4:45:00 UTC · Comment

Linux apps updated
Thanks to Crunch3r, Linux apps should now be fixed to checkpoint correctly and they should now run on Ubuntu as well. The app version is 2.01 for the new Linux apps. 28 Sep 2009, 16:39:00 UTC · Comment

Database maintenance complete
I planned on notifying everyone today that the project would be down tomorrow for some planned database maintenance, but since Comcast was kind enough to drop the network line for a couple hours today, I took advantage of the network outage and got the maintenance done at the same time. 26 Sep 2009, 21:18:00 UTC · Comment

Disk Space Added
It didn't make it to the weekend without running out of disk space. So, a new drive was added tonight and the database was migrated over to it. I will still need to reconfigure the database this weekend, but at least I don't have to keep tabs on it every several hours any more for fear it will run out of disk space. 24 Sep 2009, 2:09:00 UTC · Comment

Back up and running for now...
The site is back up for now. The server is still pretty maxed out due to the mysql only growing and not ever shrinking. I will need to take the entire site down for a day in order to drop and rebuild the database so that it stores each table in its own innodb file as well as add more disk to the server. That is currently planned for next weekend. 21 Sep 2009, 0:07:00 UTC · Comment

Down for temporary maintenance
The large number of WUs that are erroring out are causing a disk space problem. Hopefully the site will be back up shortly after the space issue is addressed. 20 Sep 2009, 22:31:00 UTC · Comment

CUDA and Firewall/Network Updates/Changes
Version 2.01 of the Collatz CUDA app is now available. It should fix the checkpoint problem where it returns the incorrect total steps after starting back up. Also, due network reconfiguration changes to hopefully help make the server more responsive, the IP address has once again changed which means you may need to stop and restart your BOINC client in order to upload/download/report results. 19 Sep 2009, 19:44:00 UTC · Comment

CUDA Application Update
The v2.0 applications require CUDA 2.3 compatible drivers, so make sure you have the nVidia 190.38 or higher drivers installed. Also, if you ran CUDA apps using Collatz v1.10, you will need to reset or detach and reattach before you will be able to complete a CUDA workunit. This is required in order for the BOINC client to download the new cudartl.dll file. If it thinks you already have one (from v1.10 which is CUDA 2.1) it will not download it and, as a result, all CUDA workinits will fail. 17 Sep 2009, 19:04:00 UTC · Comment

New applications released, credit adjustment coming soon
Collatz applicaton version 2.0 is being released. Credits will be adjusted within the next day or so. When that happens, any results submitted with the v1.10 applications will receive reduced credit. In the mean time, you may either continue to process the existing workunits knowing you will receive reduced credit or abort them and start new ones using the new application version. Any aborted WUs will be resent using the new application version. 17 Sep 2009, 19:57:00 UTC · Comment

So much for using a new database server.
The database has been moved back to the original server due to numerous connection issues. Hopefully, it is back in business for good this time. 9 Sep 2009, 18:31:00 UTC · Comment

Database Restored
After numerous attempts to repair the database, I gave up. The database has been restored from backup also taken on the afternoon of Sept. 7th so very little if any data has been lost. The database was also moved to a server with more disk space so that I no longer have to monitor to disk usage daily and can spend more time on more productive endeavors such as v2.0 of the apps and automating the highest steps to date pages. Thanks for your patience. 9 Sep 2009, 3:29:00 UTC · Comment

Database Problems Due to Power Failure
Due to a complete power failure which lasted longer than the battery backup and since I wasn't around to start the generator, Collatz experienced a total crash. After power was restored, the server daemons fail when connecting to the database. An update message will be posted once it comes back online. 7 Sep 2009, 21:55:00 UTC · Comment

A moment of silence please...
After a long, difficult life, we had to say goodbye to an old faithful friend. Mr. Micron, also known as IPCOP_1 had a fatal breakdown this afternoon. After several efforts to revive him, we had to call it at 14:33 CST. We will miss him dearly as he had been part of the family for almost 15 years. He is survived by his three 3c905 NIC cards, VGA controller, and KVM cable. Let us pray that the new replacement will continue on in his tradition of service. Unfortunately, Comcast gave the new replacement a new IP address which has been known to cause problems with BOINC having cached the old address, so you may need to restart your BOINC client in order to report your results. 5 Sep 2009, 1:25:00 UTC · Comment

Steps Exceed 2100
Congrats to mia7077 and 3D@P2D who have found a number with 2,134 steps. 25 Aug 2009, 20:24:00 UTC · Comment

Highest Steps to Date
The number with the most steps so far is 2,361,183,863,442,119,416,993 with 2,059 steps which has been confimed by the server. The two individuals who found the above number are Top Viking and Merlyn. Congrats! 17 Aug 2009, 15:50:00 UTC · Comment

Highest Steps to Date
The number with the most steps so far is 2,361,183,616,125,217,830,191 with 2,010 steps which has been confimed by the server. The two individuals who found the above number are Cappy@[SETI.USA] and mia777. Congrats! 13 Aug 2009, 0:06:00 UTC · Comment

And now, for something completely different....
Version 1.10 of the app has been released for Win32, Win64, Linux and CUDA. ATI (CAL) apps are also available for Win32 and Win64. Any results submitted from previous versions will NOT be granted credit as the output of the new version is no longer compatible with the previous version. So, if you have any workunits from prior to v1.10, you can go ahead and abort them. 28 Jul 2009, 2:48:00 UTC · Comment

Project Down Due to Unauthorized Applications
Due to at least one unauthorized application being run, the work generator has been shut down. It will not be turned back on until the validator has been changed to ensure fully tested applications are being run and I checked previously returned results to double check their validity. 12 Jul 2009, 16:59:00 UTC · Comment

Come one and all!
The invite code has been turned off so anyone can join. Email notifications are now working also. 11 Jul 2009, 1:02:00 UTC · Comment

ATI v1.08 Released for Win32 and Win x64
Version 1.08 of the application has been released for ATI GPUs and are available in the Optimized Applications page. Details have been posted on the message board. 10 Jul 2009, 18:04:00 UTC · Comment

New Validator Deployed
The CPU results were not matching the CUDA results by a very small difference. The validator has been modified to ignore the difference as the results were valid. Keep an eye on any results that show Completed but validation inconclusive. I may have to credit them manually. 3 Jul 2009, 5:40:00 UTC · Comment

Addition Applications
Thanks to Crunch3r, the project now has MAC OSX and Linux x86_64 applications. 1 Jul 2009, 18:36:00 UTC · Comment

App Version 1.07 Released
App version 1.07 released for win32, win64, win cuda, and linux. Several optimized apps were also released for win32 SSE and SSE2. The ATI app is slightly faster than the previous version but the CUDA app still has it beat. The WUs generated for app version 1.05 were cancelled but credit was awarded for those in a pending or inconclusive state since the output was correct but but validator had a bug. 29 Jun 2009, 14:09:00 UTC · Comment

App Version 1.05 Released
App version 1.05 released for win32, win64, win cuda, and linux. Validation issues also solved due to new release. All previous workunits were cancelled. Credit was give to any in pending status. 22 Jun 2009, 18:59:00 UTC · Comment

Initial testing started (by invite only)
Project URL changed to and accounts are now set to invite only. 18 Jun 2009, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

32 and 64 bit CUDA apps and 64 bit ATI apps released
Workunits have been increased in size in order to support GPU processing without overloading the server. Run time on a PIII 800Mhz is 7 days. Run time on an nVidia 9800 GTX+ is about 12 minutes. 17 Jun 2009, 23:52:00 UTC · Comment

First Wokunits Generated
The first 50 workunits were generated this afternoon. Hopefully more will come. 11 Jun 2009, 20:15:00 UTC · Comment

UOTD Enabled
The user of the day daemon is now running and the forums are set up. 10 Jun 2009, 11:50:00 UTC · Comment

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