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Nationally Accredited Corporation Supplies Marine Corps With Ship To Shore Products Ossie

Nationally Accredited Corporation Supplies Marine Corps With Ship To Shore Products Ossie

Nationally Accredited Corporation Supplies Marine Corps With Ship To Shore Products

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Description The next time you board an airplane to an exotic location, notice an army chopper glide overhead or witness the speed of a high-performance jet, consider the intricate parts that are working together. Many people don't know that there is a hidden industry of suppliers in the background, ensuring the safety of these necessary transports and aircraft.

For example, the same way your car has a fuel filter, air filter and oil filter, high performance aircraft, aquatic vehicles and army helicopters have similar filtration systems that need to be serviced. An essential maintenance element is installing a variety of specially-designed industrial mesh filters. But contrary to the various filters in our personal cars, the filter systems in military aircraft and supercharged flying machines can't be picked up at the local auto supply shop.

Filtration systems created for military planes vary. Although a particular plane might need coalescing filters, another might need a wire mesh type filtration. Almost every aircraft filter is custom-designed for the aircraft it is made for and does not fit in other similar aircraft.

Filtration units of stainless steel wire are often utilized in situations where paper filters simply don't cut it. Stainless steel wire mesh filters are composed of multiple layers that can withstand very high temps., high pressure and fluids that would destroy paper filtration systems. Typical applications include helicopters and army vehicles.

Now who manufactures the filters that ensure America's military fleet or even space craft work properly? Nadcap approved suppliers create aerospace and other parts for the aerospace industry, such as those utilized on army helicopters and the Space Shuttle. The US government and many industrialized countries will not work with companies that are not as9100 certified, because they haven't demonstrated the standards for quality necessary to ensure safety. Companies that practice the proper standards are also called as9100 certified companies since they have undergone rigorous testing procedures and shown an understanding of the functional requirements of these high-performance vehicles.

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