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1) search for the Truth: Jesus Is LORD. Do NOT be a DNA-denier; abortion kills a new unique human baby girl or boy. God is Love - Jesus proves it! Dios es Amor - Jesús lo demuestra. LLes 11,463,256 1,576.71 Hungary
2) Life v lies: Dont be a DNA-denier. Abortion kills a new, unique human--half are GIRLS. *Its my body* is a lie; How could a MALE fetus be just part of the moms body? The fetus has her own CNS, circulatory system, blood type, GENES. Seek the Truth. LesP 17,065,713 228.74 Poland
3) arkadiuszwk 472,535 2.88 Poland
4) Profile dacodave [Founder] 3,808,274 0.10 United States

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