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BeemerBiker ("Principal Analyst Southwest Research Institute San Antonio, Texas, USA hobby:...")
Berserk_Tux ("Most PCs spend a long time idle. BOINC projects put as much as you like of that wasted time...")
BarryAZ ("Semiretired in Arizona. Started with the SETI distributed project in 2001. Been doing...")
Bender10 ("I am a happily married 'Jack of all Trades'. Not because I have had lots of different jobs....")
Bif74 [Lombardia] ("Hi to all! My name is Marco, I'm 39 yo and I like sci-fi and read books. I'm a member of...")
Brunone ("Si scaccola per la scienza... Si scaccola per il punteggio e per la classifica!?!")
boston ("Just an US east coast cruncher doing my part. Been doing DC since the old S@H. I've been...")
brent ("I'm from Detroit, Michigan. I'm a mechanical engineer. I enjoy playing an occasional...")

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