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Last updated 23 Mar 2018, 19:40:04 UTC

Bill-af ("Salut ! Je suis Bill-af, j'ai 25 ans. Dans la vie, je suis informaticien, et j'aide...")
Blurf ("Tech Support Agent for a Dialup/High-Speed ISP in Upstate NY. Married. Have 2 King...") ("Hi, i am from Czech Republic, Ostrava city")
boberg ("My name is Bo Öberg and i live in northern Sweden. A big interest is astronomy in all...")
BerndBrot ("Member of SPEG (Schnelle Projekt-Eingreif-Gruppe) ")
Ben Flynn ("Born n raised in Iowa City, IA. I fell into tinkering with computers, and have built over a...")
Buster Gunn ("68 year old, retired for over 20 years Been BOINCing on an off for over 10 years I love...")
Buckey ("mmer locker durch die Hose atmen ;-) Meine Statistiken Meine laufenden WU´s")
Borisov ("Borisov, Member of Seti@Germany team. ")

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