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Damian Stach (Hadracek) ("I am 9y old. This is all family business.")
David (" Hello I am David (1978) from the french part of Switzerland (near Montreux), working...")
dkester788 ("Unemployed I.T., UNIX Administrator that's been running grid projects since 2007. ...")
Dario666 ("I am Dario666 from Poland and I compute for team BOINC@Poland ")
Dj-MxNoNo Sp@ce ("aidez la sciences+")
DR4G00N ("System 1 Specs: i7 920 D0 @ 3.8Ghz/1.25V MSI HD 7950 OC Boost @ 1100/1250/1.2V System...")
Dave GPU ("Born 1960 London England moved to florida USA in 1981, work as an antistatic flooring...")
Devlin85 ("Computer Enthusiast, Gamer, and Network Engineer/Computer Technician. Team EVGA All The...")
dacodave ("Catholic = Universal")
Dirk Bollaerts ("am interested in the halting problem.")

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