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Fred J. Verster ("Born in the Netherlands, september 30, 1951 a place called Delft. Oldest of 5 boys, raised...")
fthibaud0001 ("25 years in the computing business and now woodworker and shaman")
Friedhelm Baumeister ("Dies ist meine neue Pouver - Station . Mit grünem Strom. Wo, bei Liebe...")
Fra_cool [CAMP] (" Hi to all! My name is Francesco and I'm a 32 yo mech engineer. I started distributed...")
fwid ("I'm an embedded software engineer from China. I like watching movies and TVs. I miss those...")
Frank [SG] ("allo, mein Name ist Frank, ich bin 50 Jahre alt und im Oktober 2000 über SETI zum DC...")
Fran ("Just an ordinary man from Czech Republic. I'm crunching because I hope it will help...")
fabrizio casati [LIGURIA] ("Mi chiamo Fabrizio Casati nato a Genova il 20/07/1974 ho 35 anni, di lavoro faccio la...")
FdG (" ")

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