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Ghouse Mohiuddin ("Am from Pakistan, currently living in Karachi. Am 50 years old and am a journalist by...")
GRID_pl (" Redundancja")
Grimbert Jerome ("I like Povray. It is not a renderer with only triangles.")
Gattorantolo [Ticino] ("Hello, i am Silvano from the Boinc Italy team :-)")
Grigory Kostykov ("Всегда готов !")
Gandalf_the_Grey ("From: Middle Earth Age: 6/27/1948 Occupation: Retired Engineer, Active Wizard Hobbies:...")
GLassnig ("Well, here we go! I'm Georg Lassnig and was born in 1967 in Villach/Austria but grown up...")
guld7k ("Ich komme aus Deutschland, Bayern, Jahrgang 1962 und arbeite als IT-Servicemanager.")
Gibson Praise ("Retired IT Reader of Sci-Fi, fantasy & history Killer gardener ( I garden, they...")

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