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Last updated 21 Jan 2018, 19:25:04 UTC

Inais ("Hi - I am a member of the team BOINC@Heidelberg and I was born in Heidelberg and went also...")
IanSB ("Crunching for Team England Team England Forum")
Indy ("I´m member of, the biggest Czech team. I´m crunching since...")
Infomat ("IT/IS Manager, french man, aged 45, use computers since 35 years. Astronomy passioned and...")
Irondog ("From: USA Occupation: IT Professional")
Iain Harvey ("Hi. I'm Iain from the UK. Been crunching for a while now. Long may it...")
Isato Takahashi ("Hi, I am joining from Yamanashi,Japan. I am not so good at English. I am interested in...")
iwait ("Member of Team China. My hobby include boinc, F1, install multi-os and...")
ITgreybeard ("Semi-retired IT professor. Pursuits: E-bike technology development, IT/SW config and...")
Islands in the Sun

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