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Last updated 22 Mar 2018, 19:40:04 UTC

ibabiy ("")
ich ("I teach computer science and English at a college in Berlin / Germany.")
ironbyte ("Hey geeks, my name is Sebastian and iam working as an IT specialist in Cologne Germany....")
IgnorantiaJuris ("Hi! I'm Sam. I'm from San Diego, CA and I'm a law student at Thomas Jefferson School of...")
II SIDESHOT II ("LOVE THE SMOKY MOUNTAINS!!!!! ----- Antec Full Tower ----- CPU: FX-8350...")
IamBill46 ("Currently residing in TN. 42 years in Information Technology. My first PC was serial #8...")
InternetCoolKid [Gridcoin] ("I have been a long term BOINC supporter, but began to mine Bitcoin in 2011 with my GPUs...")
id0357 (".")

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