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Last updated 21 Jan 2018, 19:25:04 UTC

kabbo0 ("Soy un músico-productor cubano que vive en Madrid y me encanta lo que hago grabar discos...")
karyn ("I live in Kansas City with my husband and son. I love reading, camping, and spending time...")
kmanley57 ("Long time Computer user, with 20+ years of Unix, and 15+ years PAIN in...")
kctipton ("Dad, Mac owner, married, Texan, atheist")
Konrad Friedrich ("I´m from Dortmund (Germany), 32 years old and a member of SETI.Germany I startet DC...")
Kaobear ("I am a dad and a poet.")
Khali ("I am 45 and live just a few miles outside a small town in Ohio USA. I got into Distributed...")
Krotus ("I am a pediatric neurosurgeon and lapsed mathematics/physics student from the United States...")

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