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Last updated 22 Jan 2018, 19:25:04 UTC

Pooh Bear 27 ("I have been working and playing with computers since Junior HS in 1975-1976. The first...")
p o r c z e k ("Greetings from Poland :)")
platium ("i am bill hobbies ganden,bike.driving,fishing anything else you may ask i dont bite...")
Peisistratos ("Hi, I'm Daniel (born 1986), live in Munich, Germany and I'm studying at the...")
Piti ("Hi, my name is Christian, I was born 1981 and I live in Lower Saxony, Germany")
Pepino65 ("Jsem rád, že můžu počítat v CNT.")
Plomos ("I'm a college student who is also a computer nerd. Love doing research for useful projects...")
Patty ("The Owner")

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