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Phantom ("Украина город Одесса")
planetclown ("I enjoy following trends in sciences and technology, and seeing the ways in which advances...")
pons66 ("Hi there, I am a chemist and I live in Stuttgart. Professionally I am working as a...")
Petr Kral
PDH ("Hi there..My name is Przemek, born in 1985. I'm a member of Boinc@Poland team. ")
pawzdy ("Hi, I live in Silesia in Poland, I'm 40+ years old and I work for GM. I like all kinds of...")
Philip ("Just a cruncher from down under")
Pavel Solc - Slon21
Plaque FCC ("Dolorem ipsum? ;D If you're reading this at the moment, then our Universum wishes you a...")
Philip Englehard ("Age 61 - single - retired with major health issues. That's about it, really. Yes I know...")

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