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Last updated 19 Jan 2018, 19:25:04 UTC

ruidocarmo ("I'm a Portuguese Mathematician member of the team Portugal@Home! ")
RATT_Samis ("Ein ewig Raetsel will ich bleiben - mir und anderen...")
Rodrimpex Robert ?l?zak ("I love green live idea. I use power from sun, wind and ground like heat collectors, wind...")
Rene Gonzalez ("as born in Mexico but living in San Jose California. I work in residential and commercial...")
RaduB.* (" We don't worry. We just crunch!")
Rattamahatta ("crunching for team seti.germany (")
Retupmoc ("I Program, Play with 3D Printers and Design Robots. I Live in Canada and Currently Studying...")
Robert Pick ("Old,Retired, photography, turning; wood that is!")

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