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shiva ("ello I'm Rick I live in western Kansas about 60 miles from the center of the USA. I'm a...")
Swordfish ("I have been crunching for many years going back to Seti Classic. I tend to prefer to run...")
Steve Dodd ("Crunching for The Planetary Society since May, 1999. Love chasing after badges and RAC :)...")
Stefan Ledwina ("My name is Stefan and I'm a crunchaholic. I'm just another cruncher, born on October 14th...")
Sorceress ("Retired East Tennessee mountian belle. I am originaly from Houston, TX. I moved here with...")
Stargazer-SG ("Servus :) Ich wurde 1979 von meinen Eltern 'gebastelt'. Natürlich wurde ich vorher...")
Steve_Martin@SETI.USA ("No more Time Zones No more Daylight Savings One World One Time UTC UTC UTC UTC")
SG-Booster ("Der SETI.Germany-Booster Die Idee zum SG-Booster entstand im Jahre 2007, als man sich...")

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