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SebW ("Trener i zawodnik judo")
Samy ("Member of . I am from Germany ( NRW, Recklinghausen )")
Steve Harmon ("Retired U.S. Army Blackhawk Pilot of 20 years service.")
Simon Thomsen ("I'm a 32 year old primary school teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark. My primary subjects of...")
Saenger ("Geboren 1964 in Wrisbergholzen Studiert in Berlin (Energie- und...")
Skyman ("I am a physicist, doctor habil., from Odessa, Ukraine. I have been chrunching since 2001...")
sino* ("")
Steve ("I'm a retired electronics tech. My area of expertise was programming of plc's and...")
STMahlberg ("'ve been a member of SETI.USA since 2010. We are an International Team of like minded...")
Seventh Serenity ("We're Koli and Xentha, a couple who share a single account for the maximum throughput that...")

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