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timmygadget ("My name is Tim and I served in the Royal Navy between '86 to '96 as a Comms Technician, had...")
tojaberlin ("Hallo miteinander! Ich bin 45 Jahre alt und als Sozialarbeiter in Berlin, Germany ,...")
TBirdTheYuri ("Je suis électrotechnicien Français. J'habite dans le département du Puy de Dôme au...")
taurec ("PROUD MEMBER OF SETI.GERMANY - Greets to all supporting scientific...")
theflux ("Desktop Engineer who likes sports, fishing, boating and computers.")
The Gas Giant ("I'm a forty odd, nerdish engineer that has been BOINCing for a while now.")
Taiwanese Taipei ("...") ("Ein Wort zu all unseren Mitgliedern: DANKESCHOEN für Eure brave Mitarbeit und...")
The One ("I'm from Yonkers New York. I enjoy using my pc's resources for a good cause.")

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