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Last updated 22 Jan 2018, 19:25:04 UTC

todd ("Hi! I am from Taipei Taiwan(R.O.C). Winter is coming, and I don't have enough money...")
tocx ("Member of SETI.Germany ")
Tamagoch ("Proudly crunching for Ukraine since 1999. I will always remember my first Pentium...")
theharperdragon ("I crunch because I can -- and if we all did a little, it's amazing how much could be...")
tpl ("65 Wohnort Hamburg Hobbies Computer, DC ,Motorräder, Lenkdrachen, Tauchen......usw :-)")
Thomas Krajewsky
TheWatcher2k3 ("Ich bin ein Computerfreak, der seine Rechenzeit sinnvoll nutzen möchte. Von daher crunche...")
THESPEEKER ("'m Me I am He That is all I am...")
tosi ("")

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