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The Urkelbot ("Indeed, I am somebody.")
tigermann [SG-FC] ("Spitzname tigermann Geboren 26.01.1970 Wohnort Dresden Beruf PC-Techniker,...")
ThrasherX-17 ("I'm 30 years old anesthesiologist-resuscitator. I work in the department of anesthesiology...")
The Old Sourdough ("The Old SOurdough I'm a 67 year old man, semi-retired, living in Indiana USA. I enjoy...")
Tobas ("..the tendecy is to push it as far as you can.. ")
thebestjaspreet ("A successful mechanical engineer from India.Presently on medication due to some severe...")
TACK i7 ("Nice to meet you!! I'm Japanese university student.")
tyler o. ("I'm from Savannah, GA, USA and a member of the amazing SETI.USA team. Joined the BOINC...")
thibault ("I am a 15 years old enthousiast from Beglium who hates computers doing nothing when there...")

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