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Last updated 20 Jan 2018, 19:25:03 UTC

Contact (""I am proud to be a human being. I believe that we have come this far by the skin of...")
Bruce ("I'm just a regular Canadian guy, looking for a project that really means something! I think...")
Morgan the Gold ("Got this stupid new phone, keeps takin' pictures of Me this one is called "Pause...")
Jill ("I'm a cartographer, working as a drafter and mapper for a survey company in Northern BC. I...")
tiker ("About me... well.. I'm a boring guy. I live in Ontario, Canada, married with two step...")
Phil Klassen
Rookie_69 ("I started doing Collatz Conjecture WU's because I wanted my new ATI card to get steady...")
SixofNine ("I'm from Canada. I work as a Automation Engineer. I enjoy drinking beer, playing X-Box...")
Artbox 5000 ("onest guy who just wants to see the good in everyone")

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