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Last updated 22 Mar 2018, 19:40:03 UTC

Kazuya Kishi ("PhenomII X4 940BE / 9800GTX+ / Main PC PhenomII X4 905e / HD4850 / BOINC PC PhenomII X4...")
Yoshi SKYLINE GT-R ("From Osaka, Japan. I'm crunching a number of BOINC project with 3 PCs now. - Core 2 Quad...")
hirano@wakasu-zenkai ("i7-920(3.3GHzOC/Water-cool) / HD5970(920MHzOC/Water-cool) / Main...")
[AF>Libristes>Jip] otax ("Hello !! I'm French, 50, married with Japanese woman since 4 years. I have a daughter who...")
Isato Takahashi ("Hi, I am joining from Yamanashi,Japan. I am not so good at English. I am interested in...")
Cooking-idol@liveetv ("Occasional failure could be a spice♪ たまの失敗はスパイスかもね♪")
sdl* ("Survived twenty years of military duty working with Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment...")
Kisho Kawada ("説明文はありません。")
keiii420 (" ")

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