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Alejandro Rivera Robles ("Hi I started with Seti@Home since the very beginning, before the advent of Boinc. Been...")
kunwon1 ("Hooray")
earthbilly ("From Missouri USA. Live in the forest. Without solar power our electric goes off often! We...")
jordandesilets ("I'm an old professional runner who is a tech enthusiast and wants to give back to the world...")
DylanTupper ("I'm a student working to achieve my BSCS at Baylor University. Had a lot of unused systems...")
Chet McEvers ("Hello, from Texas...We'll see what this old jalopy's got...Fixin' to get real up in here!")
MarkK ("Mark Kaire, Miami, Florida. Founding attorney at the Kaire & Heffernan Law Firm....")
Matthew McCleary ("Professionally, I'm an IT manager for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro,...")
scodran ("IT by day GPUte by night.")

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